Most non-OWU financial aid, such as federal government programs (such as Pell), state government programs, and external scholarships (corporate, etc.) will be applied to all approved programs. Federal financial aid will be repackaged for the student’s off-campus semester based upon the estimated cost of the student’s particular program. Students must contact the Financial Aid Office for information regarding their own situation.

Many off-campus programs award their own financial aid. If a student receives a program scholarship, it will be credited to the student’s OWU account only after they have been remitted to Ohio Wesleyan and processed. These may have an impact on the packaging of the complete student financial aid package for the semester away. Students should contact the IOCP Office and the Financial Aid Office if they have been notified that they will receiving external financial aid of any kind.

Students are encouraged to apply for additional scholarships. Many students each year benefit from external scholarships that are only available to study abroad students. Access Study Abroad is an OWU Program that provides students with additional assistance and advising in this area. Please also see below for more information.

IOCP also will facilitate the application for additional financial aid to other federal government programs such as the Gilman and Boren programs. Students are encouraged to apply to these programs, if they are eligible.

OWU need-based aid will be applied to all approved programs. OWU merit aid will be applied to all approved programs.

Students receiving tuition remission benefits (OWU employee, GLCA TRE, or TEP) must contact the IOCP Director for information regarding these programs early in the process. The rules for billing and financial aid are different for students receiving these benefits -- the full benefits do not apply.

Students, normally, are eligible for only one semester of off-campus study in an approved program. OWU-sourced aid normally may be applied to only one semester off-campus. Students are required to follow academic guidelines and to avail themselves of academic advising. Financial aid will not be available for a ninth semester of enrollment, if this is required for graduation because of off-campus program participation. Students may not defer graduation in order to participate in an off-campus program. Students must plan their off-campus academic experience carefully and know the terms of their financial awards.

Other non-OWU external aid/scholarship programs exist. For more information, please see:

NAFSA: Financial Aid For Study Abroad (reference with links)


Students receiving Pell Grants must apply for the US Federal Gilman scholarship program.


Students studying less commonly taught foreign languages must consider applying for a. US Federal Boren scholarship

Other External Aid Opportunities and Information:

For more information, please contact the IOCP office.