INTRODUCTION (Year 1): In their first year Global Scholars are exposed to a variety of approaches to the study of global issues, especially through enrollment in the first-year seminar, a team-taught discussion course focusing intensely on a single or several topics of global importance. Scholars also enroll in foreign language courses in both semesters with the goal of developing increased proficiency. In their other courses scholars will fulfill general education requirements, be exposed to additional fields of global focus, and begin to identify and select their major field of study.

EXPLORATION (Year 2): In the second year Global Scholars continue to develop their foreign language skills, enrolling both semesters in language courses. By the end of first semester scholars should have declared a major field of study and begun to explore the ways their discipline engages global topics. Other courses selected should diversify scholars’ exposure to global approaches, while also aiming to complete OWU’s general education requirements. Last, scholars should select and begin applying to an off-campus, study-abroad program. Scholars are urged to communicate with their major departments to ensure that their preferred study-abroad programs will help them meet requirements.

INTERACTION (Year 3): For most Global Scholars study abroad will take place during one of their third year semesters. If the requirements for Years 1 & 2 have all been completed, scholars can also being drawing on their $4000 travel grants. Courses taken during the on-campus semester should focus on meeting major requirements, finishing any remaining general education requirements, and preparing to best take advantage of the semester abroad. Scholars should begin to identify possible topics for their Senior Global Scholars Program Capstone Project.

REFLECTION (Year 4): In the final year Scholars will complete their Capstone Projects, usually a thesis done under the supervision of a professor in their major department. In the process of conducting research and writing the Capstone, Scholars will ideally reflect on what they have learned and experienced in their four-year pathway in the Global Scholars’ program. Late in the academic year fourth-year Scholars will reunite with their first-year cohorts to share their research and reflect on their other experiences in an informal conference setting.

Students who successfully complete all of the requirements of the Global Studies Institute will graduate with a Global Studies Institute certificate, so denoted on their transcripts.

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