We interviewed several of our scholars to see what they had to say about our program!

From Top Left: Paige, Amber, Ivy, Abby

From Bottom Left: Acadia, Brittani, Anneliese, Mikayla                                   

For you, what are the most exciting aspects of the Global Scholars Program?

Amber- “Last year, when I took the team taught course I developed a research interest in incarceration and immigration. Partly because of the passion of my professors towards it and partly because of the in-depth study we did of a variety of important topics such as these. That's the most exciting aspect of the program, the global perspective we get and the research skill set we develop that builds and molds with the ideas and contributions of the entire class of global scholars.”

Humza- “Eventually being able to explore another country and culture to learn what I can and hopefully apply it to my life.”

Paige- “During our required freshman course, we discussed the importance of varying narratives in great detail. I think that considering global perspectives, past and present, is one of the most exciting aspects of the program. I also think that the emphasis placed on studying abroad and exploring new cultures and ideas is a key component of this program, and is instrumental in forming a global understanding.

Anneliese- “One of the most exciting things for me about the Global Scholars Program is the ability to discuss global topics with like-minded individuals. Weekly in our Geographic Perspectives on Nationalism Seminar, each student brings news from the country that we have been studying that week. We have some extremely engaging conversations, especially on topics/situations that are relatable to the United States. Otherwise, I am naturally thrilled by the idea of studying abroad and even more so because I am learning so much that will directly relate to my travels.”

Mikayla- “Forming connections and bonds with faculty, professor, students, alumni, etc who share similar interests and aspirations coupled with the opportunity to travel and experience the world is very exciting for me!”

Brittani- “The Palmer Global Scholars Program helps me connect with others interested in global issues and let’s me really hone in on my language skills as well as my understanding of other cultures.”

Acadia- “One of the most exciting aspects of the Global Scholars Program is being able to have an available cohort of freshmen together first semester. This allows for the Global Scholars to have an automatic group of friends and peers who are similar to them in their global interests. Another exciting aspect of the Global Scholars Program is the scholarship that allows the cost of study abroad to be manageable and accessible.”

How would you describe your experiences in the Global Scholars Program?

Amber- “I think being a Global Scholar introduces you to a group of like-minded people to explore research interests and share global perspectives with, in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the world through learning a language and learning from experienced faculty in their fields of research.”

Abby- “The freshman class required is incredibly intriguing and eye-opening. As someone who struggles with learning new languages, I thought that that requirement would be a set-back, but I am quite excited to explore all different kinds of languages.”

Ivy- “Through the program I have been able to meet enthusiastic people who share similar interests with me while also learning more about the world. The freshman year seminar class was interactive and interesting and also helped me to meet the other students in the program. Every professor involved in the program is excited about it which has made me excited too.”

Anneliese- “Although I have only been a part of the program for a few short months, we have had some amazing opportunities. For instance, we had the privilege of speaking with Ambassador Winstanley which was nothing short of inspiring and thought-provoking. I think that hearing her speak impacted all of us; for me, she added an entirely new perspective and idea to my career path. Even on a smaller scale, I feel like I am constantly growing. Whether I am learning about global issues with Dr. Rowley and Dr. Baskes, or learning how to reflect more deeply and effectively with Dr. Cusato, not only do I improve in terms of my knowledge, but as a student overall.”

Mikayla- “Thus far, the Global Scholars Program has introduced me to new topics and people who have challenged me in varying ways. Discussions with my cohort and directors, in and out of the classroom, have led me to look at things with more of a global lens.”

Brittani- “My experiences in the Palmer Global Scholars Program have been incredibly eye-opening. I have been able to make interdisciplinary connections in topics that I am interested in.”

Acadia- “My experience in the Global Scholars Program has been great! It has allowed for me to connect with other peers who have similar global interests and give me a space that allows for me to dive deeper into my own interests and experiences.”

In what ways does the Global Scholars Program fit into your overall experience at OWU?

Amber- “As an economics and data analytics major, I see it fitting into my other academic interests by giving me a global perspective on the various issues I explore through my majors. The interdisciplinary nature of my academic interests makes it a perfect fit to explore the applicability of them in various issues of global importance.”

Abby- “I am quite passionate about social justice issues, and a large part of that is expanding your horizons to understand other people and communities- a central goal of the Global Scholars program.”

Humza- “My other academic interests involve studying different aspects of the world and its cultures. Specifically through my major of Comparative Literature, the global scholars program gave me the opportunity to explore areas of interest I hadn't been exposed to and supplements my knowledge of globalization.”

Ivy- “The program fits into my academic interests perfectly because I am pursuing both International Studies and Spanish. With the program, I am able to learn more about these interests on a broader scale and can experience certain aspects first hand with study abroad opportunities and the cultural events we go on as a group.”

Paige- “The Global Scholars Program has expanded my interests exponentially. By teaching Global Scholars how to form and use a global perspective, the Program helps students understand their coursework in a broader sense. I have learned how to consider and respond to different and opposing narratives, which will play a role in my future profession as a teacher, but also with understanding my coursework as a Latin American Studies minor.”

Anneliese- "All of my primary studies here at OWU- vocal performance, French, and pre-law- have global aspects and could easily be expounded upon by traveling. In this way, I feel that the Global Scholars Program could not fir more perfectly into my experience at OWU. Even in day-to-day learning, I find connections between my Global Scholars Seminars and my other classes, which only serves to deepen my understanding and learning."

Mikayla- "I had already planned to study abroad due to the French major I am pursuing. However, the Global Scholars Program gives me an extra push and surrounds me with an amazing support system as I pursue that endeavor. It also fits into the environmental science major I am pursuing because the environment is everywhere. It is hard to study one entity without considering the bigger picture. I think recognizing those interconnections, having background knowledge of global issues, and embracing international perspectives can be very helpful aids in any course of study and open so many doors."

Brittani- "The Seminar really helped me look at language from a unique perspective and how important language is to a culture, identity, history, etc. As a Spanish Major- and having to take four semester of a language for Global Scholars- it has really helped me look at language as more than a set of grammar rules."

Acadia- "The Global Scholars Program was something that drew me to OWU originally. Once I was accepted to the Global Scholars Program, it solidified my decision to go to OWU. It has complimented my overall experience at OWU because it has allowed for me to explore interests that I may not have had the opportunity otherwise. I am excited for the semester I am able to go abroad!"

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