• You will be enrolled in the co-taught seminar during the fall semester (UC 100; 1 credit). Examples of first-year seminars:
    • Geographic Perspectives on Nationalism (2020)
    • Language and Place (2019)
    • Climate, Capital, and Culture (2018)
    • Borders: Gender, Race, and Politics of Citizenship (2017)
  • In order to complete four semester-length language courses (4 credits) at OWU prior to the semester abroad, you should plan on taking one language course each semester (fall and spring). 

Sophomore Year

  • You are expected to complete your third and fourth language courses in this year.
  • In extraordinary cases, a student can petition the Global Scholars co-Directors to take the fourth course while studying abroad, detailing the justification for such an exception.

 Junior Year

  • Spend a semester abroad in an accredited program, ideally in a non-English speaking country.
  • Identifying a study abroad should begin in your sophomore year, and you should work with the Global Scholars co-Directors and the OWU Connection office (link)

Senior Year

  • Senior Thesis Guidelines: After students have completed the introductory interdisciplinary seminar, 4 semesters of language study, and 1 semester of study abroad, the final step to become a Palmer Global Scholar is to research, write, and successfully defend a Global Scholars thesis project. Because the Palmer Global Scholars Program is not a major, the only specific guidelines associated with the final project are as follow: 

    • The thesis must be 20-35 pages, including notes and bibliography.

    • The thesis must include a global component.

    • The thesis must adhere to the requirements dictated by the Global Scholar’s major field to which it contributes knowledge. 

      • If applicable, students should also see and adhere to Honors Program Thesis requirements (Departmental or University Honors)

    • A condensed form of the thesis must be presented at the Student Symposium (link) in the Spring semester where co-directors of the Palmer Global Scholars Program may evaluate the thesis. **Rubric coming soon

    • Your completed thesis will be posted to the Global Scholars site.

Additional Requirements

  • Global Scholars must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students falling below 3.0 face expulsion from the program at the discretion of the GSFB.

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