Neuroscientists work towards unraveling the complexity of the nervous system to develop better medicines & therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders, and to understand the fundamental properties that define ourselves and the nature of consciousness. As such, neuroscience requires a multidisciplinary approach encompassing molecular biology, physiology, psychology, behavioral science, statistics, and computational biology.

About the Major

This Neuroscience major provides a foundation in biology, psychology and chemistry, with specialized courses in behavioral, cognitive, molecular, cellular and computational neuroscience. As a Neuroscience major you learn to identify, alter or manage the biological processes that govern the brain and behavior. 

Keywords: medicine, health careers, advanced research, laboratory science, neurology, psychiatry, computational biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical arenas.

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Graduate Outcomes

Jennifer Erichsen '14

Jennifer is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Exercise Physiology program at Ball State University.


Program Contact Info


Director: Chris Fink
Schimmel-Conrades Science Center 135
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3814