Interested in neuroscience, but not sure you want to commit to a major? Already have three majors with no time to add another? Good news, everyone! You can now minor in Neuroscience!

Required Courses (4.75 units)

NEUR 110 - Introduction to Neuroscience (1.25)

PSYC 342 - Cognitive Neuroscience [Neuroscience minors are required to co-enroll in

PSYC 342L.] (1.25 units)

PSYC 343 - Behavioral Neuroscience [Neuroscience minors are required to co-enroll in

PSYC 343L.] (1.25 units)

NEUR 374 - Topics in Neuroscience [Neuroscience minors are only allowed to enroll in

NEUR 374 in their senior or graduating year.] (1 unit)

Neuroscience Elective (1 unit from):

NEUR 300 11 - Neuroanatomy (1 unit)

PSYC 345 - Psychopharmacology (1 unit)

PSYC 349 - Affective Neuroscience (1 unit)

This minor would be a fabulous companion to any major, including Biology, Pre-med, Nutrition, Psychology, Public Health, and more. If you have questions about the minor, email Dr. Bailey ( 

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