Ohio Wesleyan has dedicated awards strictly for declared Neuroscience majors to support individually mentored research and travel. Any Neuroscience or Computational Neuroscience major at OWU is eligible for the following awards:

1) Bishop Research Award in Neuroscience (BRAIN).

This grant supports mentored research projects for OWU Neuroscience majors. The research can be performed either at OWU or another institution. Funds are available for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Funds are mainly anticipated for research materials, but can be used to support travel to an outside institution for research purposes.

Each BRAIN grant is eligible for up to $1,000, but must include a detailed budget justifying each expense. On occasion, students may be awarded more than $1,000, but only if  the student has clearly justified the expenses, and the project is highly original or unique.

Click here for the BRAIN requirements and application form.


2) Neuroscience Bishop Award for Conferences (NBAC).

This grant supports travel for OWU Neuroscience majors to present their research at national and international conferences and meetings. These meetings are a central part of scientific careers. They provide valuable and necessary opportunities to develop presentation skills, as well learn about ground-breaking neuroscience research from the scientists themselves. You will also get opportunities to meet potential future employers, graduate school advisers, and other medical or graduate school programs at these meetings.

Discuss with your research adviser which conference is best for you before applying for the NBAC grant.

Each NBAC grant is eligible for up to $1,000, but must include a detailed budget justifying each expense. Funds can be used for conference registration, airfare, local transit, lodging, and food (based on a per diem). 

Click here for the NBAC requirements and application form.

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