To be a music major at OWU is to broaden your horizon and focus your skills. Our majors specialize in creating artistic performances, evaluating music with a global perspective, and sharing the power of music with their community.

Over 95% of our graduates achieve their post-graduate goals as performers, composers, music teachers, or by connecting their passion for music with other disciplinary pursuits from pre-med and chemistry to business and international studies.

Two majors are available within the Bachelor of Arts and both offer students an enriching curriculum of music expertise within the context of a robust liberal arts education. They have the same performance opportunities as a professional degree, require specialized private applied study in one of three concentrations (instrumental, vocal, or composition), and allow ambitious students to pursue a second major in another discipline.

  • BA in Music
    This major offers a comprehensive concentration in music within the context of a liberal arts degree program. While the Music major provides sufficient preparation for students to enter graduate music programs, it also allows for the breadth and flexibility of a liberal arts education giving students not only the option to take a wide range of courses, but also to complete a second major without going beyond eight semesters of study. This is a particularly good option for students who wish to continue their music study in college, or for those who wish to combine their love of music with their goals in another career field.
  • BA in Music Education (Vocal and Instrumental Tracks)
    Teaching is a craft that takes a lifetime to learn and the best preparation for becoming a great music teacher in the 21st century is based on three crucial pillars: a strong foundation in the content area (e.g., fundamentals of musicianship), an appreciation for multiple perspectives by exploring how problems are approached and solved in a variety of disciplines (e.g., a liberal arts curriculum), and the development of leadership skills in diverse school environments as pre-service teachers practice how to help their students learn (e.g., field experience and student teaching). Culminating with professional licensure upon graduation, this curriculum allows ambitious multi-talented students the opportunity for a double-major with another discipline in a 4-year plan of study.

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Rachel Ballitch '18

With Bachelor of Music degrees in vocal and keyboard performance, Rachel was accepted at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, where she is pursuing a Master's in Vocal Performance.

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