Ohio Wesleyan is committed to providing education, programming, and resources to empower students to engage in holistically-well and balanced lifestyles. Through our wellness initiatives, Student Engagement and Success and The Bishop Way invites students to explore different topics of wellness, the interconnectedness of the five dimensions, and the resources on and off campus.

We encourage students to reach out to resources to get support, or contact The Bishop Way for more information.

Emotional Wellness

Emotionally well students are able to recognize, understand, accept, and regulate their emotions in order to effectively cope with life stressors. Emotional wellness enables students to adaptively grow and change in congruence with their plans and goals. 

Physical Wellness

Physically well students recognize the need for physical activity, nutrition, and sleep. Physically well students work to prevent illness and injury and manage chronic health conditions. 

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritually well students explore and expand their sense of purpose and meaning in life, including their own morals and ethics. Spiritually well students may or may not participate in structured religious activities. 

Financial Wellness

Financially well students have an awareness of their financial status and budget. They manage their finances in order to plan, budget, and save to achieve goals as students and to prepare for a financially stable life beyond college.

Social Wellness

Socially well students have networks of support based on trust, empathy, and mutual respect for one another. Socially well students have the ability to make meaningful connections with those around them and to develop purposeful and sustaining relationships.