Envisioning OWU's Future through Cultivation, Classroom, Curriculum, and Culture

Ohio Wesleyan’s Division of Academic Affairs has conducted a thorough examination of the way we deliver our core mission, teaching and learning. For many years, we have supported diversity, equity, and inclusion in our declarations and documents; now we must act more deeply and decisively in ways that lead to systemic change in the classroom. This work will “ultimately include diversifying our curriculum and ensuring that faculty are equipped with the skills necessary for inclusive excellence in pedagogy.

There are four pipelines of change in the Academic Affairs DEI action plan: Cultivation, Classroom, Curriculum, and Culture.


  • Develop DEI training modules for faculty searches and committees
  • Examine mentoring and retention efforts for faculty and AA staff of color
  • Explore new pipelines including DEI visiting faculty program and/or hires
  • Evaluate the hiring process to determine DEI best practice


  • Initiate Equity Fellows Program
  • Sustain DEI Faculty Development
  • Begin Intergroup dialog training
  • Support DEI pedagogical circles


  • Conduct a diversity audit of OWU curriculum
  • Revise existing cultural diversity requirement
  • Provide DEI course transformation grants
  • Integrate DEI further into OWU Connection


  • Provide anti-bias and Title IX training to AA Leadership and Chairs
  • Create a clear bias incident reporting process
  • Incentivize DEI programming across academic areas and centers
  • Integrate DEI into the faculty evaluation process 
  • Foster stronger ties to professional networks and local communities of color

It is the commitment of the Division of Academic Affairs and faculty to execute these initiatives focused on an equitable and inclusive classroom and educational experience at Ohio Wesleyan.

View the initial charge to Academic Affairs in the University’s DEI initiative.
Read the initial action plan set forth in June 2020 from President Rock Jones.