Welcome to the OWU Fellowships page! Here you can learn about prestigious fellowship opportunities, including national fellowships and OWU's own Baran Fellowship.

Have questions or want to suggest a student for a fellowship? Check out our request for information and nomination forms below, or reach out to Dr. Franchesca Nestor, OWU Director of Fellowships.

Baran Fellowship

Thanks to a generous donation by Ohio Wesleyan University alumni Jan W. Baran '70 and his wife Kathryn Baran, the "Jan W. Baran and Kathryn K. Baran Endowed Fund for the Encouragement of Post Graduate Fellowships" is available for students (freshmen, sophomores, or juniors) who have plans to go onto graduate school and will apply for nationally competitive fellowships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Fulbright.

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National Fellowships

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This is the mirror image of the Rhodes: an international scholarship program intended to enable outstanding students to pursue graduate study at the University of Cambridge. The Trustees award scholarships on the basis of an applicant's intellectual ability, leadership capacity, and desire to use their knowledge for good.

OWU Institutional Deadline: August 15
National Deadline: Early/Mid-October

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Fulbright Scholarship

Applicants apply for a Fulbright scholarship to support work in a variety of foreign countries. There are two types of Fulbright award. The first one supports students engaged in individual research projects. If you have a comp that would benefit from some time in the field abroad, this is the Fulbright award for you. The other type, the ETA, sends recent college graduates abroad to teach English for a year. Assignments vary from country to country, but nearly all of them are attractive.

OWU Institutional Deadline: August 15
National Deadline: October

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Goldwater Scholarship

A merit-based scholarship awarded to college sophomores and juniors who have a demonstrated interest in and commitment to a research career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. It is also a ticket to admission to almost any graduate program in these fields.

OWU Institutional Deadline: November 1
National Deadline: January

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Marshall Foundation Scholarship

A scholarship supporting two years of postgraduate study at any university in the United Kingdom. Trustees focus heavily on the applicant's research interests and motivation, and require that the applicant have a compelling reason to work in a particular department and with a particular faculty member at the university the applicant wishes to attend.

OWU Institutional Deadline: August 1
National Deadline: Late September

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George J. Mitchell Scholarship

A scholarship supporting one year of postgraduate study in either the Republic of Ireland or the six counties of Northern Ireland. Recipients should have a record of intellectual achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to public service.

OWU Institutional Deadline: August 1
National Deadline: Late September

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Rhodes Scholarship

Like the Marshall Scholarship, this award provides an opportunity for two postgraduate years in the UK, in this case at Oxford. Students must have stellar academic credentials, a record of extracurricular commitment, as well as leadership potential. Some demonstrated athletic ability is also required, but don't let this deter you from applying – there is almost always a creative solution.

OWU Institutional Deadline: August 1
National Deadline: Late September / Early October

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Truman Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to rising college seniors who wish to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in public service. Scholars will be required to work in public service for three of the first seven years following completion of a Truman-funded graduate degree program.

OWU Institutional Deadline: December 1
National Deadline: February

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Morris K. Udall Scholarship

Awarded to extraordinary undergraduates in disciplines related to the environment or to Native Americans and Alaska Natives who study health care or tribal public policy.

OWU Institutional Deadline: January 15
National Deadline: March

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Fellowship Interest and Candidate Suggestion Forms

  • Students – Indicate your interest in a fellowship, or ask a question about a fellowship or post undergraduate grant or scholarship.
  • Faculty and Staff – Name potential student candidates for a fellowship or post undergraduate grant or scholarship.

OWU Director of Fellowships Information

Dr. Franchesca V. Nestor is an Associate Professor of Politics of Government and the Director of Fellowships at OWU. Dr. Nestor earned a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Political Science from West Virginia University, and a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Nestor was the first full-time Director of West Virginia Campus Compact, building the program and encouraging 28 colleges throughout West Virginia to deepen their commitment to civic engagement and communities. A 2004 Truman Scholar, Dr. Nestor has many years of experience nominating students for national fellowships, editing and providing feedback on their applications, and arranging and participating in mock interviews.