About the Majors

The three Health and Human Kinetics majors prepare you for careers in a growing field promoting individual and public health.

To become a health and human kinetics expert, it's essential that learning takes place in the field. The real-world application of knowledge that defines The OWU Connection is vital to preparing you for a flourishing HHK career. At OWU, you master the theories of your field when you apply them to your life and to the lives of others. Opportunities such as hands-on coursework, field experience, travel-learning, and internships are built into the curriculum, and they start from your very first semester.

Students in Health and Human Kinetics select from three options:

  • Health and Human Kinetics, General: The General major prepares you for a variety of options within the field and allows for an integrative approach to building a course of study. More Information
  • Exercise Science: This major prepares you for advanced study in the fields of health and fitness training, exercise physiology, athletic training, biomechanics, sport psychology, and allied health professions like physical therapy, occupational therapy, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. More Information
  • Sports and Exercise Management: With courses in business and economics, this major prepares you for opportunities in a variety of fields that combine physical/sport activity with areas such as sport management, marketing, and retail fitness. More Information

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Graduate Outcomes

Amanda Ciccone '22

Amanda majored in HHK Ex Science, her Honors project was titled: "Impact of COVID-19 on School-Based Occupational Therapists: Lessons Learned".

Amanda was accepted into the OTD program at the Top-rated OT school in the country, University of Pittsburgh! Amanda recently presented her Honor's poster at the American Occupational Therapy Association's national conference.


Department Contact Info


Edwards Gymnasium
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3725

HHK Department Contact

Department Chair: Andrew Busch
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Kinetics
Edwards Gymnasium 107-C

Academic Assistant: Wendi Kay
Edwards Gymnasium #107-A