Whether you major in Exercise Science, Sports and Exercise Management, Nutrition, or General Health and Human Kinetics, you will be guided to achieve several critical objectives by the end of your four years.

  1. You will learn the fundamental content needed to gain expertise in current, research-based approaches to health, fitness, nutrition, and sport. This is an essential step in your journey to become an expert, but it’s a small portion of your HHK experience.
  2. You will apply this content to your own health, movement, nutrition, and/or sport practices. From your first semester, certain courses take you outside the classroom — sometimes just down the hall in the brand new Simpson Querrey Fitness Center. The goals of these courses is to create opportunities for you to apply theories to your current level of fitness and reflect on these experiences.
  3. You will plan programs and experiences in health, fitness, nutrition, and sport that are specifically tailored for various distinct populations. To achieve this objective you will use the content you have mastered and build upon those theoretical foundations to predict and plan experiences that make a positive impact on your “clients.” This is invaluable practice for a potential career.
  4. You will grow in knowledge and experience to the point that you will take your own critical stand on pertinent issues in the field. This is where your identity as an adult and a professional begins to take shape. You will critique new claims and approaches in health, fitness, nutrition, and sport and determine what to implement in your work.
  5. You will work in multiple areas and environments, assess outcomes, then reflect on and improve your practices in these environments. Your field work will immerse you in environments such as schools, community settings, recreation, professional sport, public health, and more.
  6. Finally, like all OWU students, you will learn to lead. You will be mentored closely and then handed the reins in various field experiences in order to groom the leader within.

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Edwards Gymnasium
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3725

HHK Department Contact

Department Chair: Andrew Busch
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Kinetics
Edwards Gymnasium 107-C

Academic Assistant: Wendi Kay
Edwards Gymnasium #107-A