The Exercise Science Major provides students with a strong science foundation emphasizing preparation for further specialized graduate study or direct entrance into a variety of fields related to exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport medicine, and direct entrance to upper level certifications in the rehabilitation and fitness industries.

About the Major

The exercise science major embraces a strong science foundation with a focus on applied concepts of exercise and physical activity as it relates to healthy, injured, and high-risk populations. Exercise science is an applied discipline; therefore, the curriculum includes laboratory and laboratory-type activities in exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, and exercise testing. In addition, campus- and community-based projects are incorporated into the curriculum to provide exercise science students exposure to various populations similar to those they may encounter in their chosen professions.

Many students seek to follow a pre-professional degree track that prepares them for graduate health professional schools, such as:

OWU has a 3/2 master's program agreement with Washington University of St. Louis in occupational therapy program-MSOT. If your goal is to apply to a graduate school in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy, we offer academic guidance and access to the courses and electives necessary for graduate application in those fields. For more information on PT advising click HERE, and OT advising click HERE.

It also prepares students to enter professional schools such as physician assistant, nursing or medical schools. At a bachelor's level, students are prepared for careers in preventative exercise, wellness programs, and to work with populations to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.

It combines practical experiences, theoretical study and rigorous coursework in exercise prescription, anatomy & physiology, assessment evaluation of fitness and health outcomes.

Real-world focused, the major helps students develop the interpersonal and professional skills needed for client interaction, fitness assessment and evaluation of client needs, and integration of this information into a rehabilitation or exercise program.

Hands-on learning is an integral part of the OWU Exercise Science program. Students will benefit from lab and research opportunities, diverse client interaction, community outreach initiatives and more.

Since the exercise science major is experientially based, many exercise science majors participate in an internship experience.  Internships opportunities help synthesize learning outcomes, build networking contacts and homes analytical, problem-solving, communication skills, and exist in various areas under the umbrella of Health and Human Kinetics, focusing on areas of interest to each student.

In addition to the required experiences, undergraduates are encouraged to branch out and facilitate studies while working alongside professors.

Experiential Learning:

  • Fit OWU
  • Special Olympics
  • Early Childhood Center

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Graduate Outcomes

Cait (Culberg) Davis '19

Introducing Dr. Cait Davis, Pediatric Chiropractor.

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