Neuroscientists work towards unraveling the complexity of the nervous system to develop better medicines & therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders, and to understand the fundamental properties that define ourselves and the nature of consciousness. As such, neuroscience requires a multidisciplinary approach encompassing molecular biology, physiology, psychology, behavioral science, statistics, and computational biology.

About the Major

This Neuroscience major provides a foundation in biology, psychology and chemistry, with specialized courses in behavioral, cognitive, molecular, cellular, and computational neuroscience. As a Neuroscience major you learn to identify, alter or manage the biological processes that govern the brain and behavior. 

OWU Neuro majors study the brain at all levels: cellular physiology, genetic regulation, the interactions of biochemical molecules (e.g. protein, DNA, RNA), neuroanatomy, complex behaviors and functions, including human behavior, cognition and emotion. 

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Graduate Outcomes

Faith Best ’19

After graduating, Faith was accepted into the Ph.D. program in Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati. While at OWU, Faith had internships with OWU's Zoology Department coordinating chemical hygiene and curating the zoology museum.


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