Make The Connection

May 23, 2023 | By Marcos Crespo ’23

Ohio Wesleyan alumnus Cody Lunder ’22 and Dyna Bresson ’24 attend a party at New Perspectives Theatre Company, where Bresson completed a semester-long internship this spring. (Photo courtesy of Dyna Bresson)

Big Apple Adventure

Ohio Wesleyan Student Learns What It Means to be an Artist During Semester in NYC

Dyna Bresson ’24

Name: Dyna Bresson ’24
Majors: Theatre and Film Studies
Minors: Art History
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
High School: Whetstone High School

OWU Connection Experience: Spending spring semester enrolled in the New York Arts Program

During her time in New York, Bresson completed an internship at New Perspectives Theatre Company, an award-winning company founded in 1991 as a multi-racial ensemble dedicated to using theater as an agent for positive social change.

A Possible Dream

“I want to be a theater artist when I grow up. Not necessarily famous, but someone who works on cool shows consistently. I want to be considered successful in the theater industry and by my own standards.

“Going to New York and working with theater artists from all over the world with all different levels of experience gave me hope that I’ll do just fine and the opportunity to make connections. Some of the projects I’ve been able to be a part of have already opened my mind to exciting future possibilities.

“New York also felt like this scary, overwhelming place to go live and work, so this experience has allowed me to discover that it’s not an impossible dream.”

My Favorite Moment

New York Arts Program students including OWU's Dyna Bresson (third from left) meets Broadway theatrical producer Barbara Whitman (center), who has won multiple Tony and Drama League Awards for her work. (Photo courtesy of Dyna Bresson)

“Any moment that I got to escape the city. As much as I adored my internship and loved spending time in the city, it was important to me that I had time to experience peace; a break. Central Park at night is beautiful and quiet. There’s a spot on a big rock that faces a small pond that I love to go to when it’s nice outside.

“The New York Aquarium and The Bronx Zoo were also two amazing places to visit because they are quiet and less crowded. The animals were so fun to interact with. Manhattan is an island so one could take a 20-minute train/bus ride to a pier and watch the ocean.”

Lessons Learned

“How to be more confident. Something we worked on in my internship is how to take up space, not necessarily in the physical sense, but in the sense that we are talented and deserve to be heard, supported, and recognized.

“Something exciting to learn is that Broadway uses QLab (a theatrical sound file program) just like we do at OWU with our shows. So, I was able to use the knowledge I have with that program to curate a file all of my own for an award ceremony. Off- and Off-Off Broadway companies use Ion light boards as we do at OWU as well, so I’ve been able to get more comfortable with those.

“I think my main takeaway would be that I’ve learned that I'm stronger than I think and that my work holds value.”

OWU Mentors

“Professor Bradford Sadler ’05 and Dr. Brian Granger (Performing Arts faculty) were a huge help in getting me here. They wrote me all kinds of recommendations for all the different forms I had to fill out. They are both my advisers for different things, and they have been very patient with my crazy busy schedule here and willing to adapt and meet me over Zoom.

“I’ve also met with Professor Eva Paris-Huesca (chair of OWU’s Film Studies Program) over Zoom, and she was helpful in getting my film schedule for next year together.”

OWU Peers in New York

“I went with Johnathan Ellis ’24, Halima Elmajdoubi ’24, and Cody Lunder ’22. A big factor in choosing to go was the fact that there were other students I knew going, so I wouldn’t feel so alone.”

Why I Chose OWU

“OWU has taught me the skills I need to be successful in theater. They gave me the opportunity to branch out and pursue this internship, which has given me the connections and strength to put myself out there.”

My Plans After Graduation

“I think I’d like to make my way back to New York eventually. It’s really expensive to live there, so it might take a year or so to save up enough to move out there. I’d like to work in professional theaters wherever they’ll take me.”