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In Celebration of Earth Day

By Tom Burns, Part-Time Professor of English and Director of Perkins Observatory

Today we celebrate Earth Day. This year’s celebration is decidedly different because scientists around the world have turned the day into a decidedly political event—a protest against the illogic of our times and a celebration of the rationality that science honors above all else.

In Celebration of Earth Day

Tough questions for tough-on-crime policies

By Shari Stone-Mediatore, Professor of Philosophy

Protecting the safety of our communities is a genuine concern for many Americans. But what if the policies implemented in the name of public safety were doing the opposite?

Tough questions for tough-on-crime policies

Should we care about the humanities?

By Lee Fratantuono, Professor of Classics

Why should anyone care if the president and congress succeed in cutting or gutting funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)?

Should we care about the humanities?

Is hip hop poetry?

By David Caplan, Professor of English

The question is often asked, “Is hip hop poetry?”  Answers generally follow a certain pattern.

Is hip hop poetry?

Why is my dog so cute?

By Shala Hankison, Associate Professor of Zoology

Those floppy ears and that curly tail - and even the barking - may be more a product of evolutionary accident than purposeful breeding.

Read "Why is my dog so cute?"

Whose lives matter?

By Michael Flamm, Professor of History

What impact will Donald Trump’s presidency have on racial unrest and police-community relations in minority neighborhoods - and what can we learn from the summer of 1964?

Read "Whose Lives Matter?"

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