Ohio Wesleyan faculty share their thoughts, concerns, and insights about issues of equity and race in America.

Antiracism, Our Mission, and Your Future

By Sarah Kaka, Jen Lisy, Michele Nobel & Paula White, OWU Education Faculty

"Individually and collectively we are working to address equity in our schools. Our work is far from complete and sometimes feels as if we are falling further behind. But the work is vital and must continue no matter how difficult the path forward may be."

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Black Lives—and Bodies, Livelihood, Joys, and Traumas—Matter

By Amy Butcher, Associate Professor of English

"I realized, and with great shame, that as a white, educated woman, I was preemptively protecting white fragility, which is in its own right a misuse of privilege. No longer would I allow myself to care more about the security of my position and the comfort of my white students than the safety and well-being of my students of color."

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Black Texts Matter

An i³ lecture by Nancy Comorau, Associate Professor of English

"Reading books that tell the stories of Black lives can help white America and the world see and understand ways in which Black lives are important, rich, valuable, human, worthy, and beautiful."

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Why History Matters

An i³ lecture by Michael Flamm, Professor of History

"Contrary to what some wrongly claim, statues are not some timeless, universal celebration of heritage."

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R.S.D. (Racism Spectrum Disorder)

An i³ lecture by Judylyn Ryan, Associate Professor of English

"Ask yourself the question, 'Am I on the spectrum? If I am, what does it mean for me, and what do I do about it?'"

Watch: R.S.D. (Racism Spectrum Disorder)