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December 6, 2023 | By Cole Hatcher

Ohio Wesleyan student Ali Dix '24 explores Central Park while she participates in the New York Arts Program. She is completing three internships as part of the experience. (Photo courtesy of Ali Dix '24)

Eye-Opening Experience

Ohio Wesleyan Senior Completes Arts Administration Internships in New York

Ali Dix '24

Name: Ali Dix '24
Hometown: Marion, Ohio
Major: Dance
Minor: Theatre
OWU Connection Experience: New York Arts Program

Dix is spending fall semester in the Big Apple, completing three dance-related internships through the Ohio Wesleyan-administered New York Arts Program (NYAP).

At Battery Dance, Dix's work includes assisting with donor records and campaign outreach, building a press kit, inputting survey data, creating social media albums, and assisting in the studio.

At Paul Taylor Dance Company, she assists the general manager "in tasks involved with maintaining and running a nonprofit dance company."

In working with independent choreographer and director Catherine Galasso, Dix assists with grant proposals, organizes digital archives, works on social media, conducts research, and provides studio support.

Why I Chose This Experience?

"I chose this experience because it allows me to gather hands-on experience in the arts administration field and dance companies. The NYAP spoke to me because it allows me to connect with others regarding dance and see what possible career opportunities are out there regarding dance. The bonus happens to be that the program takes place in New York."

My Favorite Moment

"One of my favorite moments from my off-campus experience is experiencing Paul Taylor Dance Company's New York Season at Lincoln Center. During the season, I was able to volunteer for shows and complete my internship hours at the theater. While volunteering, I was able to attend the annual Gala. This moment in my experience allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes and the shows. While spending hours there, I was able to witness every piece programmed except for one, including three premieres, and have the enjoyment of turning on all the work lights backstage after the rehearsal.

"Spending time at Lincoln Center was a joy and fun. As Paul Taylor was performing, I also got to witness the beginning of 'The Nutcracker' for New York City Ballet as the costumes lined the backstage halls. This moment allowed me to watch an incredible show, but also gather the hands-on experience of a performance in the city. Witnessing Paul Taylor's work allowed me to fall in love with dance even more with his incredible storytelling and ways of creating movement as he is known to be the 'Dancemaker.'"

Ali Dix '24 meets performer Thayne Jasperson, an original cast member of the Broadway show 'Hamilton.' (Photo courtesy of Ali Dix)

Celebrity Sighting

"Another fun experience I have had in New York is getting the chance to sit front row at the Broadway show 'Hamilton.' This show has always been a favorite of mine, and throughout my journey with dance I have been lucky enough to stand on the stage in NYC and Chicago in high school. Seeing the show front row refreshed my mind on how the choreography in the show has always inspired me and pushed me to create. After the show, I was able to meet Thayne Jasperson, an original cast member. I was able to communicate with him, and he wished me luck on my future as an aspiring dancer."

Lessons Learned

"During this experience, I have learned tools to help guide my future thinking in creation while on campus. The purpose of my participation in the NYAP was to gather more insight into my future plans after graduation. I have explored the ideas of a career in arts administration, performing, and creating. At OWU, I was stuck in figuring out what the next steps for me were after leaving campus. This program allowed me to open my eyes to the possibilities in the arts."

My Campus Involvements

"Outside of the classroom, I have been involved in Orchesis, the on-campus dance company that showcases in the fall semesters. I have been vice president and president of OWU Rhythms and Terpsicorps, dance clubs that showcase in the spring. Outside of dance, I have been a member of OWU cheerleading for three years."

OWU has allowed me to explore and open my mind to a career in the arts. The Performing Arts Department has been a huge factor in my decision to attend OWU.

Ali Dix '24

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan?

"Coming to Ohio Wesleyan, I was unsure of the journey I wanted to take. OWU has allowed me to explore and open my mind to a career in the arts. The Performing Arts Department has been a huge factor in my decision to attend OWU."

My Plans After Graduation

"My current plans after graduation are to continue dancing. I plan to save money to return to New York, where I hope to audition and start a career in the arts either performing or in arts administration. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, and my only wish is to keep the dance world surrounding me as it has always brought me joy and the atmosphere continues to inspire me every day. I hope one day I get to share my love and knowledge of dance with young aspiring artists."