Make The Connection

April 23, 2018 | By Gopika Nair '18

Jacquelynn Everetts ’18 visits Switzerland as part of The OWU Connection to explore L’Abri communities. She will work as a Coalition for Christian Outreach Fellow after graduation. (Photo courtesy of Jacquelynn Everetts)

Finding Her Calling

OWU Student Explores L’Abri Communities in Switzerland

Name: Jacquelynn Everetts ’18

Majors: Philosophy and Spanish

Minor: Sociology and Anthropology

Hometown: Muncie, Indiana

Experience: OWU Connection Theory-to-Practice Grant, “Lifestyle to Learning”

Everetts traveled to Switzerland for two weeks in January to learn about L’Abri communities. In these international study centers, individuals are invited “to seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life.” L’Abri was founded by Francis Schaeffer, a Christian theologian and philosopher who wrote books on theology, philosophy, general culture, and the arts.

Lessons learned 

“This project had a profound impact on me personally, academically, and professionally.

“Personally, I was able to go to a space where I could reflect on my life, especially as a senior with only one semester left in school. This experience helped me process my three and a half years at OWU, and gave me a sense of peace and direction as I looked forward to the future.

“Academically, I discovered that I still have the ability to read quickly and critically outside of coursework assignments, which was also personally gratifying. I also deepened my exposure to philosophical thought and ideas through books as well as through interpersonal communication.

“Professionally, this was incredibly helpful for me to make decisions about what I want to do after graduating, and has contributed substantially to the job I applied for, was offered, and have taken. Because of my firsthand experience, I decided that I wanted to continue to engage with the kind of environment I was immersed in at L’Abri by pursuing work as a campus minister.”

Why I chose Ohio Wesleyan 

“I chose Ohio Wesleyan for its amazing travel opportunities and because I felt at home on the campus.”

My plans after graduation

“After I graduate, I’m going to spend a year as a CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) Fellow to do campus ministry, working with the Chaplain’s Office here at OWU.”