Make The Connection

October 6, 2020 | By Cole Hatcher

Passionate About Politics

Ohio Wesleyan Student Completing Political Campaign Internship

Annie Miner ’20

Name: Annie Miner ’20
: Bowling Green, Ohio
Majors: Social Justice and Pre-Law
Minors: Politics and Government and Psychology
OWU Connection Experience: Political Campaign Internship

Miner is working virtually this semester as an intern for the Jessica Miranda Reelection Campaign. Miranda is seeking reelection as the Democratic representative for Ohio House District 28, which serves constituents in southwest Ohio. Miner is completing the internship for credit under the oversight of Franchesca Nestor, Ph.D., assistant professor of Politics and Government.

My Favorite Moment

“During the phone banking sessions, I love it when I am able to speak with someone who is as passionate about politics and voting as I am and who is excited about Representative Miranda’s reelection.”

Lessons Learned

“I have learned a lot in the short time I have held this position. Through the phone banking experience, which I have never done before, I have improved upon my customer-service skills if you will, and have learned the importance of the on-the-ground advocacy for campaigns.

“I think experiences like this one matter because it is important to see how much work and effort goes into electing political figures. It is so easy to just see one figurehead and think he/she only has a few people helping, but in reality, it is a team of hundreds.

“It is also really important to know how many different ways you can get involved in campaigns that take up as much or as little time that you have to offer. This potentially could tie into my future plans if I ever decide to run for public office.”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I chose OWU because I liked how many opportunities there were to study off-campus and gain life experiences. I also was immediately drawn to the (then new) Social Justice major.”

My Plans After Graduation

“Immediately after graduation (in December), I plan to take a gap year and a half where I will study for and take the LSAT, apply to law schools, and participate in City Year or a program like it. Then I plan on attending law school.”