In physics, you explore the universe, from the subatomic particles to massive galaxies. Physicists study the basic laws that govern the universe—and they develop innovations with practical applications, such as technologies in medicine, lasers, and computers.

About the Majors

The physics major provides excellent preparation for students interested in graduate school in physics or physics-related fields. It also provides useful background and skills that are helpful for careers in engineering, computer programming, medicine, law, secondary education, and other related fields. Most students take additional mathematics or computer science courses dealing with topics of their choice, such as advanced calculus, numerical analysis, complex variables, and computer programming languages.

Ohio Wesleyan offers three degree options for physics majors to align with their career goals.

  • The Physics Bachelor of Arts degree provides you with exposure to the depth and breadth of physics while maintaining the academic rigor required for successful entry into a broad variety of graduate programs and career options.
  • The Physics Bachelor of Science degree includes a stronger emphasis on preparing students for more advanced study in physics or direct entry into professional‐level employment where a physics background is preferred.
  • The Physics Bachelor of Arts with Pre-Engineering Option (3-2 Program) is an interdisciplinary program that combines an education in the liberal arts with one in engineering. You graduate with two degrees after spending three years at OWU and two years at an engineering school.

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Graduate Outcomes

Mustapha Habib ’19

After graduating, Mustapha is a test engineer at Hypres, Inc. in Elmsford, New York. While at OWU, Mustapha conducted research on the behavior of several superconducting circuit components.


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