Our Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter is active on campus as well as in our community. We hold informal weekly meetings over the noon hour where we get together for casual conversation and games (something we affectionately call Ph^3: Physics, Phood, and Phun). We also engage with at least one local school each year and perform interactive physics demonstrations within the classroom setting (or during after-school programs).  Please visit our outreach page for more information about our passion for sharing our excitement for physics with the local community.

In addition, our SPS chapter is heavily involved with mentoring first-year students who are enrolled in our calculus-based introductory physics course in an effort to encourage them and help promote their success in that course and college in general. You can learn more about all of our projects and student led initiatives on the SPS Engage webpage.

Marsh W. White Award Recipient

The Ohio Wesleyan University SPS chapter has received the Marsh W. White award for 2023-2024! This award will be used to support ongoing efforts with educational outreach at local schools and allowing the creation of two new traveling physics demos; one showcasing the effects of air resistance on falling objects and another showcasing vortex rings. 

The Marsh W. White Awards are made to SPS chapters to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public. Additional details on the Marsh W. White Award can be found on the SPS National website


SPS Advisor

Yunhua Ding

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 129

740-368-3774 | yding@owu.edu

Department Contact Info


Schimmel/Conrades Science Center
Delaware, OH

Department Contacts

Chair: Brad Trees
Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 139
740-368-3779 | brtrees@owu.edu

Academic Assistant: Joshua Seiders
Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 201
740-368-3907 | jjseiders@owu.edu