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May 22, 2024 | By Cole Hatcher

Ohio Wesleyan student Anubhav Raghav '25 says attending the Yale Impact Investing Conference 2024 'was not just an educational journey; it was a pivotal moment that has shaped my path toward becoming a thoughtful leader committed to making a meaningful impact' in the financial world. (Photo courtesy of School of Management, Yale University)

Purposeful Path

Ohio Wesleyan Student Seeks to Build Business Strategy Career That 'Uplifts Everyone'

Name: Anubhav Raghav '25
Hometown: Gurugram, Haryana, India
High School: Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, India
Majors: Business Administration and Communication
Minor: Finance

OWU Connection Experiences: Attending the Yale Impact Investing Conference 2024 on April 27 at the Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut, and earning both spring and summer internships with Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four multinational accounting firms

Raghav worked remotely with Ernst & Young during spring semester and will work both remotely and in person this summer at the company's New Delhi, India, office. He will serve as a strategy and consulting intern helping senior consultants and associates with projects spanning across Asia and Europe.

"I hope to gain insights into the strategy and consulting industry, learn at one of the best consulting firms in the world, develop myself professionally, and apply theory to the real world," Raghav said. "I can't wait to put my creativity and my strategic mind to use and add value to the company as an intern."

Anubhav Raghav '25 stands outside Yale's School of Management during the Impact Investing Conference 2024. (Photo courtesy of School of Management, Yale University)

The Yale Conference

"Attending the Yale Impact Investing Conference was a transformative experience that was an example of the power of networking and learning from accomplished change-makers. I have always valued the opportunity to engage with individuals who are not only leaders in their fields but also pioneers in shaping the future.

"My purpose is to 'connect the dots in the human constellation we live in.' The conference provided a unique platform to connect with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and successful corporate leaders, alongside students from over 20 top-tier universities across the United States.

"The insights gained from this gathering were immensely valuable. Each conversation and panel discussion offered a new perspective, enhancing my understanding of the innovative work being done across various sectors. It was enlightening to see how different ideas and approaches contribute to substantial changes in our society."

'A Pivotal Platform'

"The Yale Impact Investing Conference served as a pivotal platform for exploring the evolving landscape of impact investing. It brought together industry experts to discuss the integration of financial returns with social impact, addressing emerging markets, the application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and the vital roles of diversity and inclusivity in investment strategies.

"I learned that when we talk about impact investing – it isn't always about ESG. It's about the positive change you are bringing in the world, by being an entrepreneur or an investor. It's about wealth creation and about job creation. I looked forward to all the panels, but especially to Margaret Pollack's panel on Emerging Markets.

"Margaret is the director of Endeavor Catalyst, an organization that represents the foremost global community dedicated to high-impact entrepreneurs—individuals who not only dream bigger but also scale their ventures fast and contribute positively back to the community. …

"After the panel, I had the chance to talk to Margaret over coffee about her work at Endeavor, how I can get involved, and gained insights about entrepreneurship and the investing world. By the end of our conversation, Margaret became one of my connections that I can reach out to for my entrepreneurial ventures."

Other Conference Highlights

"The conference discussions illuminated the evolving definitions and considerations of emerging markets, particularly focusing on the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). A poignant question raised was the relevance and accuracy of these classifications in today's global economic climate. The discourse suggested that traditional labels might be outdated, urging investors to consider more dynamic criteria reflective of current economic realities and opportunities. …

"The evolving role of venture capital in supporting startups and social enterprises through innovative funding models was discussed. The conference pointed out the challenges small ventures face in securing traditional venture capital and the importance of developing long-term investor-enterprise relationships to support sustained growth. It isn't about risk mediation; it's about the social benefit with financial returns. Strategies for navigating these complexities include enhancing regulatory compliance and understanding the political and economic conditions that might impact investment outcomes.

"Diversity and inclusivity were championed not only as ethical imperatives but as essential elements of successful impact investing. The conference highlighted how diverse teams and inclusive practices contribute to better decision-making and innovation, thereby enhancing investment performance."

OWU's liberal arts education has challenged me in every possible way academically and professionally. The challenges have helped me grow as a student and are preparing me for the real world out there.

Anubhav Raghav '25

OWU's Impact

"Ohio Wesleyan's liberal arts education has been instrumental in shaping my ethical compass and leadership skills, teaching me to discern right from wrong and encouraging me to strive for change that uplifts everyone.

"Professors in the Department of Economics and Business have been particularly influential, equipping me with entrepreneurial skills, marketing acumen, and the motivation to dream big. This conference resonated deeply with the lessons from Professor Goran Skosples' Macroeconomics class (learning about different world economies and emerging markets), Professor Matt Vollrath's Marketing classes (networking and knowing how to market yourself, and your brand), and Professor Cliff Hurst's Entrepreneurship classes (leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit and having the right knowledge while talking to so many successful professionals), tying academic theories to real-world applications.

This enriching experience has not only broadened my worldview but has also provided practical insights that I am eager to apply as I lead the new strategy and consulting club, UniConsult, on campus. Additionally, as vice president of the Investment Club, I am inspired to explore and advocate for impact investing, sharing my newfound knowledge to influence our club's strategies.

Making Friends and Connections

"This conference was not just an educational journey; it was a pivotal moment that has shaped my path toward becoming a thoughtful leader committed to making a meaningful impact.

"As I left the conference to go back to my hotel – I went back after making friends and meaningful connections, learning about making a change, and having a much stronger desire to create an impact in the community. I felt proud that I represented Ohio Wesleyan University, became the first student from OWU to attend this conference, and shared with fellow attendees about how a liberal arts education is a life-changing experience.

"Additionally, exploring New Haven was a delightful experience. Visiting Sally's Apizza, a local favorite, and wandering through Yale University's historic campus added a layer of enjoyment to the trip, making the entire experience not only educational but also incredibly fun."

My OWU Mentor

"Professor Matt Vollrath is my OWU faculty mentor, my advisor, and my life mentor in general. It will still fall short no matter how much credit I give him for my academic and professional development at Ohio Wesleyan. He has been a key factor motivating me to never give up, challenging me to work better, helping me gain opportunities, and providing his valuable insights into almost everything I do. I never knew I could find a mentor in one of my professors, but he is my go-to person for almost everything I do professionally and academically."

My Campus Involvements

"I am the founder and president of UniConsult, the new strategy and consulting club at OWU that strives to provide the best consulting and strategy services to businesses in Delaware and Columbus. I am also the vice president of the Investment Club, where we manage a $220,000 portfolio. I have served as the marketing director for CPB (Campus Programming Board) and as a senator in WCSA (student government)."

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan?

"I chose Ohio Wesleyan because of OWU's commitment to making liberal arts education affordable for all and for me, the faculty-student relations, immense opportunities, liberal arts education, and the small class sizes."

My Plan After Graduation

"My plan after graduation is to work in the strategy and consulting industry, and eventually start my own business. I am still figuring out different startup ideas honestly. OWU's liberal arts education has challenged me in every possible way academically and professionally. The challenges have helped me grow as a student and are preparing me for the real world out there."