OWU offers a variety of majors in the education field to help you prepare for a career in the specific area you love, from early childhood through high school. Our program combines a rich education in the liberal arts with a solid base in educational theory and practical experience.

About the Majors

  • Adolescence to Young Adult (leads to an Adolescence to Young Adult License in English, History, Science or Mathematics, Grades 7-12)
    You can combine a major in Education with a major in English, History, Integrated Science, or Mathematics to prepare you for certification in grades seven to twelve in, respectively, language arts, social studies, science, or mathematics. 
  • Educational Studies The Educational Studies major at OWU is the only education major that does not lead to a teaching license. Rather, students who pursue this major seek to be in an education-related field or have an interest in educational studies, but may not have a desire to teach in a traditional school setting. 
  • Elementary Education (leads to a Primary License, Grades PreK-5)
    OWU’s teacher preparation program in Elementary Education is committed to helping you become a knowledgeable, caring, competent professional who is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, social, and aesthetic growth of children. Your knowledge will be deepened by many opportunities to work directly with children in a wide variety of field and student teaching experiences.
  • Inclusive Elementary Education (leads to a Primary License, Grades PreK-5, and an Intervention Specialist License, Grades PreK-5)
    The dual licensure program in Inclusive Elementary Education is committed to helping prospective teachers become knowledgeable, competent, caring professionals who are dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, social, and aesthetic growth of children in both traditional and inclusive PreK-5 classroom settings.
  • Integrated Science for Teachers (leads to an Integrated Science License, Grades 7-12)
    Increasingly, school districts need science teachers who are highly qualified to teach across the science curriculum. Students who complete OWU’s Integrated Science major will be eligible to earn Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Integrated Science Licensure, qualifying them to teach a broad range of science subjects in grades 7 through 12. When you major in Integrated Science for Teachers, you complete classes in life sciences (biology, microbiology, zoology); chemistry; geology and geography; physics and astronomy; and mathematics – along with your education and general course requirements.
  • Middle Childhood (leads to a Middle Childhood License, Grades 4-9)
    This program develops the intellectual, personal, and professional competencies, skills, and dispositions necessary to teach students in grades 4-9 by requiring preservice teachers to successfully complete general liberal arts courses and professional education courses. To provide flexibility and further enhance the teacher's grasp of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, two areas of concentration are required. Areas of concentration may be chosen from language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies.
  • Multi-Age (leads to a Multi-Age License in Fine Arts, Foreign Language, or Theatre License, Grades PreK-12)
    Combine a major in MA Education with a major in Fine Arts, Spanish, French, or Theatre to prepare you for certification in PreK to grade 12 in that subject.
  • Special Education (leads to an Intervention Specialist License, Grades PreK-12)
    Special education teachers can make a real difference in the lives of their students, and they must have commitment, compassion, focus, and exceptional organizational skills. OWU’s major in special education allows you to earn a Multi-Age (grades PreK-12) Intervention Specialist teaching license.

Minors & License Programs

  • Educational Studies: The Educational Studies Minor is a non-license option. This minor is for those students who want to learn more about education, child development, and/or the teaching profession, but do not want to work towards a teaching license.
  • Multi-Age - MusicYou can combine a minor in Multi-Age (PreK-12) License with a major in Music, to prepare you for certification in prekindergarten to grade 12 in the subject area.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Program for Teacher Licensure: If you already have an undergraduate degree, you may earn a teaching license by taking courses full time in one of OWU's undergraduate teacher licensure programs. It typically takes four or five semesters to complete the requirements, including a semester of student teaching.


Graduate Outcomes

Haley Jacobson ’18

Haley, an Early Childhood Education major, is a kindergarten teacher at Center Elementary with Mayfield City Schools, near Cleveland.

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