Field Experiences at Ohio Wesleyan provide teacher candidates with multiple opportunities throughout their program to work with a wide range of students.  These experiences include opportunities to observe, tutor students, assist teachers, participate in education-related community events, and finally to work as teachers with full responsibility for classroom events.  Field experiences begin with the first professional education course and continue with each subsequent course, culminating in Student Teaching.  Following are some sample field experiences you will likely have in your courses:

EDUC 110:  Role of the School:  Opportunities to work with local community agencies that provide educational support.  Some typical experiences include:  the OWU Early Childhood Center, Buckeye Valley Reads, Columbus Initiative, Delaware Count Courts.  (Adolescent to Young Adult & Multi-Age)

EDUC 115:  Teaching for Equity and Social Justice: (Early and Middle Childhood) 

EDUC 251:  Educational Psychology:  Weekly tutoring one-on-one or in small groups with students.  Typically field experiences in this course involve work with diverse students.  (ALL) 

EDUC 321:  Teaching Literacy in Preschool and Elementary Contexts:  Design and implement series of literacy lessons for large and small groups of children at both preschool and primary grade levels.  Tutor one child with learning differences and create a case study.  (Early Childhood) 

EDUC 322 and 323:  Integrated Methods:  Design and implement integrated lessons in math, science, and social studies for large and small groups.  Apply instructional and assessment strategies learned through course work to school experiences. Work with teachers, school personnel, and school resources to support content learning for young children.  (Early Childhood) 

EDUC 349A and B:  Field Practicum Middle School:  Plan and teach lessons appropriate for young adolescents. (Middle Childhood) 

EDUC 352:  Corrective Reading:  Assess and tutor two children experiencing reading difficulties.  (Early and Middle Childhood) 

THEA 259:  Developmental Drama:  Conduct "Drama Kids" workshop.  (Early Childhood) 

EDUC 369 and 370:  Secondary Teaching and Secondary Field Practicum:  Plan and teach lessons to adolescent students.  (Adolescent/Young Adult) 

MUS 373, 374; ART 303, 307:  Methods Courses in Music and Art:  Plan and implement lessons in relevant content field.  (Multi-Age) 

Student Teaching:  Gradual assumption of responsibilities for full schedule of teaching students in selected licensure area.  (ALL)