In addition to completing the requirements for a broad, integrated liberal arts education at Ohio Wesleyan, students in the teacher preparation programs leading to the Multi-Age (PreK-12) license complete a major in their specific content area, education courses, carefully planned and supervised field-based experiences, and student teaching in classrooms with certified, experienced teachers.  Student teaching is supervised by both members of the education faculty and faculty in content area disciplines.

The teacher preparation program is based on current theories and research about teaching and learning. The Education Department adheres to standards that address issues related to the value and recognition of student diversity, to the depth of teachers' knowledge of content and pedagogy, and to the need for teachers to use a wide repertoire of instructional skills and approaches to plan, implement, and assess learning with multiple sources of data, including a variety of formal and informal strategies used to support and evaluate the processes and products of learning. In addition, the program provides varied educational and professional opportunities for teacher preparation students to learn through experiences with a wide range of verbal, visual, technological, and creative media, to participate in classrooms that function as communities of learners, and to reflect on their own and others' processes of learning and teaching practices.

Licensure in Music

Subject matter preparation of a student in the multi-age licensure program includes completion of an OWU major and any additional specific licensure requirements in the student’s teaching area.

The Multi-Age Licensure Program consists of methods courses with related field experiences, 15 weeks of student teaching directed by Education Department faculty, a content area reading course, and a student teaching seminar.

Candidates in the Multi-Age licensure fields of:

  • Music Education majors take both teaching and content methods courses in the music department

The following courses in education are required: 110, 251, 255, 377, 471, 472, 473, 474, plus additional course(s) in the teaching area.

Lists of course requirements are available on the Licensure Areas page. Students minoring in education are encouraged to consult with the education department regarding the specific requirements for licensure.


Students seeking a teaching license must complete two-unit courses with substantial focus on non-Euro-American topics (beginning Freshmen 2006).

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