Ohio Wesleyan’s unique Education Fellows Program is open to exceptional first–year students with a stated interest in teaching at the pre-school, elementary, middle or high school (Special Education, English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language) level.

Criteria for admission are:

  • Admittance to OWU.
  • A strong high school academic record that indicates potential for high achievement at OWU.
  • A stated interest in studying education.
  • Demonstrated leadership in high school.
  • Demonstrated passion for making the world better by educating its future citizens.

If you are interested in applying for the Education Fellows program, you should state on your OWU application that you are interested in education. If you are invited to compete for the program, you will have an interview with a faculty member from the education department. Based on your academic record and personal interview, the Education Department will select those who will be named Education Fellows.

A distinct advantage of joining the program is that you will be quickly introduced to all of the faculty and resources within the education department in your first year on campus. These contacts will deepen as you continue your journey to become an outstanding teacher.

Benefits of the Education Fellows Program include:

  • $1,000 scholarship per year, renewable each year as long as student remains an Education major or minor
  • Mentoring by both upper-level Education Fellows and faculty
  • Bi-annual gatherings (which can include: discussion forums on significant issues in education; educational field trips; lunch with faculty)

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