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February 27, 2019 | By Christina Semeraro '21

Ohio Wesleyan student Alanna Williams ’20 is studying business and completing an internship this semester in Italy. She also is taking photographs and blogging about her experiences for the IES Abroad Program. (Photo courtesy of Alanna Williams)

Business, Blogging, and Banale

Ohio Wesleyan Student Spending Semester in Milan, Italy

Name: Alanna Williams ’20

Majors: International Business and Theatre

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York

Experience: Study Abroad and Internship in Milan, Italy

Williams is spending spring semester in Milan, where she is completing an internship at a company called Banale. She also is blogging about her experiences for the IES Abroad program, while completing classwork through their Milan Business Studies Program.

About My Internship

“Banale is a company that makes products for people who are constantly on the go and traveling. I have to help create and translate marketing campaigns, which includes social media posts, commercials, reaching out to influencers, editing their English website, etc.”

About My Blog

“I submitted a portfolio of photos that I had previously taken during my last trips to Italy, and IES loved them and chose me to be a correspondent!

“My posts will be all about my adventures here in Milan. From food to excursions, I will be capturing it all and posting it!

“I love that my blog really forces me to take in where I am and what I’ve been experiencing! I often get lost in the moment (like most humans do) and never take the time to appreciate and process the things that I’m seeing and doing.

“Therefore, capturing the moment, writing about it, and sharing it with the world will hopefully make others appreciate things more just like I have learned to do!”

What I Hope to Gain from Studying Abroad

“I hope to become more knowledgeable about the market that I would like to pursue a career in, make strong networking connections, experience new things, and make long-lasting friendships.

“It’s so important to have experiences like this! In the business field, it’s all about building and branding yourself and making as many connections and having as much experience under your belt as possible!”

My Favorite Moment So Far

“My favorite part so far has been meeting new people from all around the world and eating tons of new foods!“

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I chose to attend OWU because it is in a completely different environment than busy New York! I wanted a change and I got one!”

My Plans after Graduation

“After graduation I plan on going to graduate to school to get my master’s in International Business.”