Whatever your passion, Ohio Wesleyan can help you explore it. Our Small Living Units (SLUs) are intentional communities of students who share an avid interest, want to explore it more deeply, and desire to educate the campus about it. From environmental and women’s issues to linguistic diversity, there’s a SLU for almost everyone.

To reside in a SLU, you have to be at least a sophomore and participants must reapply annually. Small Living Units are a unique and popular housing option, and they fill up quickly.

There are eight SLUs, and we accept applications from students who want to propose new SLUs each year.  The application is available in the fall semester and is due before students leave for winter break.  Specific information on the timeline can be found on our Housing Selection page.

Contact the Residential Living Office at (740) 368-3175 for more information.


Living in a Small Living Unit (SLU) is a fulfilling, yet challenging experience. Members are required to dedicate a substantial amount of time and attention to their responsibilities within the SLU community including, but not limited to, participation in weekly house meetings, completion of weekly chores, and planning and implementation of quality programs each semester.

Additionally, members of the SLUs are responsible for the well-being of their community, as their actions not only affect themselves and their roommates, but also their housemates, and residents of SLUs should be positive representatives of both the Ohio Wesleyan University, and the greater SLU community.

For the success of the Small Living Unit residential experience in particular,  we require that all students who apply for SLU membership be in good academic standing (Cumulative and Fall Semester GPA of 2.00 or better) and not have had actions taken through Student Conduct.

If you have questions about living in a SLU, please email us at reslife@owu.edu


Citizens Of The World House (CoW)

Founded in 2009, the Citizens of the World House creates a inclusive community where students from diverse backgrounds can share experiences, promote inclusiveness, and learn about the world around them. COW House members value acceptance, education, and understanding of diversity in all forms. The Citizens of the World House spreads cultural awareness and provides service both on campus and around the globe.

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Creative Arts House

The Creative Arts House is a Small Living Unit (123 Oak Hill Ave.) that encourages the exploration and intersection Art, Citizenship, and Individuality. The power of an Artist’s expression is a force like none other, and this house aims to expand the knowledge and challenge the perception of artists in the OWU community. The Creative Arts House's mission is to breathe life into the Artist living inside of everyone and to present a platform for some of the strongest voices on campus.

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House of Linguistic Diversity (HOLD)

The House of Linguistic Diversity (HOLD) is a community of students who promote cultural diversity through language, encourage language learning among the Ohio Wesleyan and Delaware communities, and provide a safe space for multicultural people to share their diverse experiences. HOLD opposes the political exacerbation of linguistic minorities. They welcome students and native speakers of non-English languages who are dedicated to improving multicultural awareness and understanding.

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Founded in 2019, LA CASA's goal is to bring together the students who come from different Latin American countries to promote inclusivity within the OWU community and to encourage each other personally, culturally, socially, and academically. LA CASA is a safe and welcoming place for all our identifying Latin students, as well as any other student who is excited to learn, embrace, and promote Latin American, Hispanic and Latinx cultures on campus.

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Interfaith House

The Interfaith House is a Small Living Unit composed of diverse, dedicated and exceedingly curious individuals dedicated to promoting religious acceptance on the Ohio Wesleyan campus. Each member contributes to a passionate community while learning to thrive with the support and friendship of dedicated housemates and peers.

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Service, Engagement, and Leadership (SEAL) House

The mission of Service, Engagement, and Leadership (SEAL) is to equip and encourage those passionate about service to mobilize and lead the OWU community to service for the transformation of both self and community. As a community involvement SLU, our efforts are geared toward serving our school and surrounding communities. House members engage in regular service and explore passions to strengthen Delaware and OWU, while also promoting service to all OWU students. We do this by spreading awareness of community issues and promoting service opportunities, as well as providing service opportunities to those who need help finding them. This is not just an organization internally focused, we want to make an impact across the campus community.

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Sexuality and Gender Equality House (SAGE)

The Sexuality and Gender Equality House (SAGE) believes that people have different experiences based on their age, race, class, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc. Members work as a community to bring successful programming to campus with special consideration to the women's and LGBTIQA+ movements. While encouraging diversity and fighting oppression and restrictive freedoms, the Sexuality and Gender Equality House provides a safe space for people with marginalized identities and is a resource for those who believe in promoting sexuality and gender equity on campus.

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Tree House

The Tree House strives to be an inclusive community whose members seek to live more sustainably and encourage others to do the same; we are role models. They endeavor to protect the planet and work towards a more energy-efficient future. They aim to be conscious of waste and to be more responsible consumers. They instill this philosophy in students and Delaware residents alike, casting as wide as possible a net within our community. Through house projects and lifestyle choices, the Tree House seeks to inform the public of timely environmental issues and create positive sustainable changes within the campus and community.

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