Make The Connection

July 5, 2022 | By Cole Hatcher

Ohio Wesleyan student Elijah Adams ’23 is interning as a software implementation assistant this summer to help a Cleveland company utilize new computer programs to monitor operations to continuously improve efficiency. (Photo courtesy of Elijah Adams)

Programmed for Success

Ohio Wesleyan Student Helps Manufacturer to Link Software Planning and Implementation Systems

Name: Elijah Adams ’23
Hometown: Laporte, Indiana
Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics
OWU Connection Experience: Summer internship with Custom Rubber Corp.

Adams is working as a software implementation assistant this summer at Custom Rubber Corp. The Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturer provides services including rubber molding, design and engineering, rubber injection molding, and rubber transfer molding.

Elijah Adams is working to integrate computer software to help Custom Rubber Corp. operate as smoothly and successfully as possible. (Photo courtesy of Elijah Adams)

What I’m Doing

“I collaborate with upper management, internal, and vendor teams to implement Infor SyteLine ERP (enterprise resource planning software) and integrate ProphecyIoT (industrial automation software) into it.

“This project will improve Custom Rubber’s business workflows and allow them to analyze their production data. Currently, I’m migrating pre-existing business data and creating customized interfaces in Infor SyteLine ERP.”

My Favorite Moment

“Asking everyone questions and learning from them. I’m lucky to work with experienced professionals who don’t mind me walking into their offices and picking their brains. The president, chief financial officer, vice president of manufacturing, engineering manager, and so on all have offices a few feet away and love diving into the details of what they do.”

Lessons Learned

  • “Ask questions. Most of my questions aren’t related to my position. There’s a lot to learn especially because it’s my first internship.
  • “Do the work. I got ahead of my work and was able to attend meetings and do other things I normally wouldn’t have to expand my experience.
  • “Be humble. Most people have degrees and years of experience, so absorbing their knowledge is more important than showing off yours.”

Summer on the Cuyahoga

Adams’ internship is coordinated by the Summer on the Cuyahoga program, which seeks to show promising students from nine U.S. colleges and universities what the Northeast Ohio region has to offer.

“Cleveland is amazing,” Adams says. “There’s a lot to do and a lot to see. Thus far, my favorite experience was going to Rockefeller Park and seeing the cultural sites and other historic statues.”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I like the small classrooms and one-on-one time we can have with the professors.”

My Plans After Graduation

“Working somewhere I can put my Computer Science and Math skills to use. OWU offers a lot of opportunities for students to get ahead and make transitioning into a career easy.

“The best thing I’ve done is actually learn from every class I take, regardless if it’s related to my degree and regardless of the grade I get. If you know you absorbed the knowledge, then the grade is irrelevant.”