Make The Connection

October 16, 2017 | By Cole Hatcher

Trey Olsen ’18 will move to San Francisco after graduation to become a full-time analyst with Makena Capital. Olsen was offered the position after completing a summer internship with the investment management firm. (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

From Summer Intern to Full-Time Employee

Ohio Wesleyan Student Invited to Join Makena Capital Management after Graduation

Name: Trey Olsen ’18
Major: Finance Economics
Minor: Accounting
Hometown: Northbrook, Illinois
Experience: Internship, Makena Capital Management LLC in Menlo Park, California 

Olsen worked as an analyst at Makena Capital over the summer after he and other students were nominated by Ohio Wesleyan’s Department of Economics to interview with the company. Graham Littlehale ’17, who worked with Makena Capital during the summer of 2016, provided Olsen with advice and counsel before he started his internship. Olsen already has accepted an offer to join the company full-time after graduation. 

Lessons Learned

“My summer learning experiences were more of an extension of my classroom learning that took place at OWU. My finance and economics knowledge provided … a background for me to learn more specific and practical aspects more easily while on the job. 

“I learned that asset management is what I want to find myself doing rather than other potential paths that the world of finance could offer. 

“Experiences such as my summer with Makena offer the opportunity to grow as both a student and a person. It allowed me to challenge myself in many ways, and I was able to see just what I was capable of accomplishing when provided with opportunities from OWU.” 

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I wanted to play for a nationally competitive soccer program and have the chance to study finance or economics. OWU offered both, and I haven’t looked back since.” 

My Plans After Graduation

“I am moving to San Francisco after I accepted an offer to become a full-time analyst with Makena Capital starting next fall.”