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January 31, 2023 | By Marcos Crespo ’23

Ohio Wesleyan student Brooke Hoffman ’24 spent fall semester studying in Paris, France, where she enjoyed time on the Champ de Mars. She is an Art Education and French double major, making Paris ‘the perfect destination.’ (Photo courtesy of Brooke Hoffman)

A Bishop in Paris

Ohio Wesleyan Student Spends a Semester in the City of Lights

Name: Brooke Hoffman ’24
Hometown: Oregon, Ohio
Majors: Art Education and French
OWU Connection Experience: French studies in Paris, France

Why This Destination

“I knew I wanted to go to Paris as opposed to other francophone countries because as both an Art and French major, Paris is the perfect destination!”

Brooke Hoffman ’24 takes time out of her French studies to enjoy a crepe in her favorite Paris neighborhood, Montmartre. (Photo courtesy of Brooke Hoffman)

My Favorite Moments

“I really enjoyed going to the bakeries in the morning to try different breads and pastries. The croissants there are the best. I also loved traveling on trains to different cities on the weekends.

“It was a very relaxing experience to just sit and cruise through the countryside. Obviously, Paris has some of the best museums in the world, so I frequented them often.”

Lessons Learned

“My French skills have definitely improved in all aspects! All of my classes were in French, and I lived with a host family, so I was able to practice and improve a lot.

“You don't realize how much multitasking is done in class until you have to do everything in a different language! I also learned how to communicate better with people without relying on language to do so.”

OWU Assistance

“Lisa Ho was extremely helpful to me throughout the entire process. She answered all my questions so well and provided much support.” (Ho is the associate director of OWU’s Office of International and Off Campus Programs.)

“I am also extremely thankful to the Art and French departments for letting my two art history classes abroad count for both an art and a French credit.”

Why I Chose Ohio Wesleyan

“I chose Ohio Wesleyan mainly for the art department. Its facilities and staff are really amazing. I also preferred a small school for the close relations with professors.”

My Plans After Graduation

“I plan to stay in the Columbus area doing something with art, teaching, or French. I have a couple directions that I can go in with my majors, so only time will tell!”