French Studies at Ohio Wesleyan University
A Personalized Pathway to Global Opportunities

About the Major

The French Studies Program at Ohio Wesleyan University trains students to master the French language in order to take advantage of the many transformative experiences that await them throughout the French-speaking world. This Program is attracting new majors each year, and its students find exciting and compelling ways to combine their French Studies work with other fields of study, especially through Theory-to-Practice grants, Travel Learning Courses, Study Away opportunities, international internships, and more. One of the university’s strongest OWU Connection partners, the French Studies Program trains students to think big, go global, and get real.

Recent graduates: Where Are They Now?

Recent graduates have gone on to the following positions:

  • Peace Corps Fellow in Morocco;
  • Master's Student in International Development and Gender Studies at the Institute of Geneva in Switzerland;
  • Graduate Student in International Security Studies at American University in Washington, D.C. with a Dean's Scholarship;
  • Medical student at the University of Ghana with a future working with patients in French-speaking West Africa;
  • Master’s degree student in Public Policy at the prestigious Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany;
  • French teacher and track coach at the reputed Culver Academies in Indiana;
  • English teacher in France through the "Teaching Assistant Program in France";
  • Fully-funded doctoral student in the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University;
  • Lawyer, having graduated with distinction at The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law;
  • Accountant at Deloitte;
  • Master’s student in translation at the University of Illinois;
  • and more.

Students emerge with highly developed content mastery and skills in effective communication, intercultural understanding, critical thinking, oral presentation, close reading, writing, research, and argumentation. They leverage these skills to earn rewarding positions in graduate programs and employment alike.

How does the French Program prepare students?

The French Program at OWU excels in both French-language and cultural training. Language and culture are taught in tandem at beginning, intermediate, and upper levels alike. Furthermore, the French Studies Program works closely and personally with students to design personalized and guided experiences throughout the French-speaking world.

Guaranteed OWU Connection Opportunities

Every student in French at OWU who wishes to do so can pursue an OWU Connection experience combining their interest in the French-speaking world with their other major by the fifth semester of language and cultural study.


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