Travel guide author and OWU graduate Cameron Hewitt '98 (above) works with travel expert Rick Steves, helping him research and write what have become America’s bestselling European guidebooks. Hewitt, who majored in German and studied Spanish at OWU, has traveled to and written about more than 40 different European countries, collaborating on books about Eastern Europe, Budapest, Croatia and Slovenia, Iceland, Scotland, Greece, Barcelona, Berlin, Switzerland, European cruise ports, and more.

A Few OWU World Languages Alumni

A world of opportunity has opened for OWU graduates in Spanish, French, German, and Classics. They have enjoyed careers in business, education, law, medicine, public service, publishing, and much more. Many complete graduate degrees in a variety of academic fields.

Austin Strayer '20, Spanish

Spanish Teacher at Gahanna Lincoln High School, Ohio
"Because of my Spanish education at Ohio Wesleyan, I feel prepared and proud to teach my students about the Spanish speaking world. I'm able to teach my students about a variety of topics and connect those topics to my real-life experiences, such as my study abroad experience in Spain and my Theory-to-Practice trip in Argentina, which is something that even some veteran teachers are unable to do."

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Raissa Kanku '19, French and Politics & Government

Master’s in International Development student at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, IHEID
"While at OWU I participated in a Theory-to-Practice Grant project with Professor Lewis Cusato on French imperialism and the ways France currently memorializes its former colonies. This has positioned me to drive knowledgeable conversations within discussions in my master’s courses. I also did an independent study that culminated in a thesis on the analysis of redlining in the United States and France. This independent study is a component within the foundation of my master’s thesis."

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Lydia Cleaver-Bartholomew '18, Economics

MPA student and University Fellow, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, Ohio State University
After graduating from OWU, Lydia worked at Community Refugee and Immigration Services in Columbus, working in refugee resettlement and employment. She says, "(At OWU) I participated in the Spanish crime fiction travel-learning course, which was an amazing experience. I also did a summer internship with Human Connections, a non-profit/social enterprise in Bucerias, Mexico. My experience with Spanish was invaluable, and it provided a wonderful cultural immersion experience."

Chloe Holmes '18, French and International Business

Special Assistant to a Deputy Assistant Director of Counterterrorism, FBI, Washington, DC
Chloe Holmes earned a master's degree in International Affairs from American University. She says: "Studying abroad in Switzerland, pursuing a Theory-to-Practice Grant in France, and majoring in a language opened my eyes to the importance of language and culture in everyday life and gave me the confidence to further my education in similar topics in grad school. Knowing that I had my international experiences and educational base from OWU, I felt more prepared to take on more complex topics in international affairs in another new place.”

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Sarah Kennedy '18, French and International Studies

Master of Public Policy student at the Hertie School in Berlin
"While I was at OWU, I was able to deepen my language skills through a semester abroad in Paris, and apply my International Studies degree and language skills to an internship in the European Parliament during a second semester abroad in Brussels. A professor who had never met me then volunteered to supervise an independent study researching a topic that was inspired by my internship, a true chance connection that I treasure."

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Charlie Kottler '18, Spanish, Accounting, and International Business

Product Manager with Project Ronin, San Francisco
Charlie Kottler's many OWU Connection experiences included internships at OverDrive in Cleveland and WebMD in New York, as well as a semester in Seville, Spain, studying entrepreneurship, international marketing, and Spanish linguistics and culture. His work now focuses on tools for physicians to monitor patient symptoms, with real-time alerts and a symptom management dashboard for care teams.

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Richard Spernoga '18, Spanish and International Business

Financial Analyst, JP Morgan Chase, Columbus, Ohio
"My experience in Spanish at OWU was invaluable. While my current job doesn't require me to use my Spanish, it was still incredibly helpful in learning how to effectively communicate to a variety of audiences, to think outside of the box, and probably even helped set myself apart from other potential candidates."

Meg Teitelman '18, French and Sociology & Anthropology

Middle School French Teacher & Field Hockey Coach, Laurel School, Cleveland, Ohio
"My French and Spanish professors were enthusiastic and supportive guides as I earned three Theory-to-Practice Grants to study twice in France and once in Peru, and then spent a summer semester abroad in the South of France. Through these experiences, I gained a sense of the lifelong journey that is language study, and the necessity of cultural experiences on a language-learning path. In my work as a French teacher, I draw upon my experiences at OWU daily as I attempt to build a picture of the French speaking world that extends beyond learning grammar and vocabulary."

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Josie DiNovo '17, German and English

Copy Editor & Graphics Coordinator, The Freedonia Group, Mentor, Ohio
Josie DiNovo double majored in German and English, and she spent a year abroad studying in Frankfurt. She writes and edits industry blogs, and she designs and produces infographics and other graphics to help communicate key concepts quickly and effectively in industry studies.

Megan Weaver '11, French and International Studies

Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Response Coordinator, Relief International in Blue Nile, Sudan
Megan Weaver is responsible for overall project implementation and management of a 27-month, €5.8 million integrated health, nutrition, and multipurpose cash assistance program in North Darfur, East Darfur, and Blue Nile States. She has also worked in South Sudan, Iraq, and Switzerland.

Kate LeFurgy '08, Spanish and International Studies

Communications Director for the Chicago Mayor's Office
Kate LeFurgy earned a master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. She says, "My experience at OWU gave me the confidence to take challenges head on and speak my mind, unapologetically, which has served me well as chief spokesperson for the best city in the world, Chicago."

Nicole-Marie Cotton '06, Spanish and Environmental Studies

Diversity Coordinator-Diversity and Community Fellow, Office of Graduate Diversity, University of California, Berkeley
Nicole-Marie Cotton has earned a Ph.D. in African Diaspora Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara. While at OWU, she completed a semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain.

Jennifer Lewton-Yates '03, Classics

Assistant Dean of Student Success & Assistant Professor of Classics at Millsaps College, Jackson, MS
Jennifer Lewton-Yates earned a Ph.D. in Classics & Classical Languages from Brown University. She says, "Having thrived on small classes and personalized attention from my professors as an undergraduate, I love being able to offer my students the same type of experience here at Millsaps."

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