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The most common question prospective students and families hear over and over again during college visits is “What questions can I answer for you?” For many families -- inundated with the vast amount of information available online and a plethora of facts provided during campus visits -- it can feel like there are no questions left to ask. For some students beginning their college search, it can also feel intimidating to pose a question. Often, these students are unsure of what questions are even necessary or appropriate to ask. So, whether you are a college visit novice or a seasoned pro looking for some new questions, you are not alone! To help you out, we put together a list of questions that you can ask at almost any college and receive a useful answer.

Questions for everyone:

What are two things that distinguish your university?

Sometimes, college visits can feel repetitive with tour guides describing similar experiences and resources at every school, so this question is a great way to differentiate the personalities and priorities of similar colleges.

Where are the places on campus or in the nearby area that students hang out when they are not in class?

This question is a fantastic way to hear about places worth checking out during your visit. Whether they tell you about a local coffee shop or the student union, make sure to stop by and see students in their natural habitat. How do they look outside of class? Stressed? Joyful? Studious? Social?

What are the differences in the campus environment between the weekdays and the weekends?

If you plan to live on campus, this question can be really useful to ask. Depending on the campus and the number of local or commuter students, the answer could be everything from “the weekends are very busy” to “campus empties out.” Asking this question is also a great way to hear about weekend events and programming.

What was a recent fun campus activity or campus-wide event? What traditions does this institution have?

This question is light and it is a great conversation starter. Students love talking about fun campus traditions or activities. Their answer can also offer insight into the culture of the campus and what students like to do. Does the event sound like something you would enjoy?

What is one thing you wish you could improve or change about your university?

This is a tough question, but it is an excellent inquiry to make! No university — despite their marketing photos of constantly smiling students on a sunny fall day — is perfect. Gauging what staff or students wish they could improve tells you a lot about the university culture.

Questions for students traveling to campus from a distance:

Are there other students attending this university from my hometown/community?

In advance of your visit, ask your admission representative if there are students who attend the university from your local area. They might be able to connect you with a current student who can speak to the specific experience of students from your hometown, state, or country.

Do students need cars to access activities on and off-campus?

If you know that you will be unable to bring a car to campus, this question is important logistically. Some campuses are difficult to navigate without a car. Other campuses require a car to access off-campus activities, like grocery shopping or eating out. Great follow-up questions are: “How many students have a car on campus?” or “Can first-year students have a car?”

As a student here, how will I get to and from the airport?

If you need to fly to your campus, access to an airport is important. Whether it’s returning from winter break or needing to fly home for a family event, it is useful to know how long a trip to the airport takes, what transportation the university provides, the prevalence of rideshare apps in the area, etc.

You can pose many of these questions to multiple people during your visit, such as asking both your tour guide and admission counselor. You will hear different perspectives and answers, so do not be afraid to ask the same question twice!

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