Like many other prestigious universities throughout the country, Ohio Wesleyan is test optional.

Ohio Wesleyan's Test Optional Policy

If a college or university has a test optional admission policy, that means they allow all or some applicants to decide whether to submit SAT or ACT® scores as part of their application.[1]

At Ohio Wesleyan, it is your decision whether you want to include your standardized test scores with your application. We will consider all student applicants – regardless of test score submission – for admission and the full range of merit scholarships.

Why is OWU Test Optional?

Standardized tests are not the most important factor for admission. We've felt this way since 2013 when we launched our test optional policy. We know that some exceptional students sometimes don’t perform well on standardized tests for a variety of reasons while some have limited access to take standardized tests. Test scores are not always an accurate reflection of your academic potential, and we won't hold that against you.

Ohio Wesleyan University is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The ACT and SAT standardized tests have a history of bias, disadvantaging students of color, students from low-income families, and students with disabilities.[2]  In being test optional, OWU seeks to ensure that prospective students and families feel informed, supported, and valued through the enrollment process. More about antiracism and enrollment at OWU.

Inequitable access to testing environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students are struggling to take or retake one of the standardized tests (ACT and SAT). Test optional policies relieve students in such situations.

Are test scores required for OWU's merit scholarships or departmental awards?

No. Ohio Wesleyan considers all student applicants for the full range of merit scholarships and departmental awards.

Do I need ACT or SAT scores for admission into the Honors Program?

No. Any incoming first-year student who receives one of our top academic scholarships at the time of their admission to Ohio Wesleyan will be invited to apply to the Honors Program. Check out the Honors Program

Test scores are also not required to apply to the Economics Management Fellows, Education Fellows, or Global Scholars Programs.

When should I submit my test scores (if I opted to take them)?

If you were able to take an ACT or SAT, only submit your scores if you feel they are strong. Having scores does not necessarily boost your application; they can sometimes hinder it. A good rule of thumb to use is as follows: If your scores are above OWU's average, you should submit them. If they are below, you should opt for test-optional. Ask your admission counselor for their recommendation.[3]

Submit your scores or choose test optional during the application process. There is a question on both the OWU app and Common App that asks if you want the school to consider your scores. OWU is flexible and will work with you, should you decide later in the process to handle your scores differently.

Will OWU ask for my scores after I pay my enrollment deposit?

No. Test optional at OWU means that if you choose that route you won't be asked for your scores at any point in the process.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact your OWU admissions counselor, email, or call the Admission Office at (740) 368-3020.