What is Camp Oh-Wooo?

It's an outdoor orientation experience for all new-students* that immerses incoming Bishops in everything OWU!

During the camp, you will build friendships with other new students, connect with great student leaders, and get to know supportive faculty and staff.

While each of the three camps offers a unique experience, all of them will focus on learning the traditions of OWU, building new friendships, reflecting on the transition into college, and building the skills and relationships necessary to thrive at OWU.


Fun! New friends! Adventure! Great conversations! And a deep connection to OWU!

Camp Oh-Wooo provides three different types of camp experiences – Challenge Camp, Service Camp, and Wilderness Camp. There's something for everyone! Individual camp descriptions are below.

At each camp, you will be part of a small group of 8-15 new students led by two OWU student leaders who are excited to share their experiences with you. Small groups may also include a faculty or staff member, and the activities you do with your group will be the foundation of your camp experience. You'll get to know your fellow Bishops, explore who you are, talk about the college experience, and learn what it means to be part of the OWU family.

How do I preference my camp location? 

OWU will release information about Camp Oh-Wooo, our mandatory orientation program that all new-students participate in (*NCAA fall athletes, see info that follows) as part of the June Virtual Orientation experience. As part of the virtual orientation experience, new students will get to preference their camp locations. We make every attempt to try to place students in one of their top two choices. In early August, you will receive an email with your camp location. Camp Oh-Wooo is a fun, engaging, and educational experience to learn from current students and bond with other incoming students. Camp Oh-Wooo is available to all incoming students and transfer students. 

*If you are a fall athlete in an NCAA-sanctioned sport (cross-country, field hockey, football, soccer, volleyball) then you will not be a part of a Camp Oh-Wooo track due to your fall sports schedule. You will participate instead in your team's welcome program. Student athletes still need to participate in the on-campus schedule on Monday, August 19, and Tuesday, August 20. 


You will move into your residence hall on Thursday, August 15, and participate in OWU move-in traditions with your family and the OWU community. Your family will leave campus Thursday evening (don't worry, we'll leave time for good-byes), and your OWU adventure begins!

On Friday, August 16 Wilderness, and Challenge Camp participants will head off campus to their respective sites. Service Camp participants will stay on campus for their camp experience but serve at service sites off-campus all around the Delaware and Columbus areas. All students return to campus on Sunday, August 18.

On Monday, August 19, and Tuesday, August 20, all new students will participate in a number of academic and student life events to prepare you for the first day of classes on Wednesday, August 21, while also connecting you with your fellow classmates, faculty, staff, and senior students.