Please use this Contact List as a starting point for questions or concerns you may have. We are pleased to partner with you in making sure that your student enjoys a successful experience during their years at OWU.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of Federal Laws, there are limits to the degree to which issues that are held confidential (i.e., grades, mental health matters, physical health issues, etc.) can be shared with others without a signed release statement from the student permitting the disclosure of the information.

Academic Concerns

Academic advising, performance, grade changes, tutoring, academic support services, classroom accommodations, etc.

  • Academic Advising – Begin with your assigned advisor (contact information available in Self-Service). You can also contact Lauren Hensley (Director of Holistic Advising), 740-368-3110,
  • Registrar – 740-368-3200,
  • Sagan Academic Resource Center – Emily Lugg (Director of Sagan Academic Resource Center), 740-368-3930,
  • Accessibility Services – Amanda Rodenborg (Director of Accessibility Services), 740-368-3990,

Housing/Roommate Concerns

Housing options, selection process, roommate conflicts, special housing requests for accommodation, permission to commute, etc.

  • Residential Life – Brian Emerick (Director of Residential Life), 740-368-3175,


Meal plan options, Debit Dollars, special dietary restrictions/needs, etc.

Campus Safety/Parking

Purchasing parking permits, parking regulations, campus safety reporting, break shuttles, transportation options, self-defense training, etc.

  • Public Safety

Health Concerns

Physical health appointments, prescription medications, mental health concerns, etc.

  • Student Health Services – Kara Shroff (Director of Student Health Services), 740-368-3160,
  • Counseling Services – Vicki Blommel (Office Manager), 740-368-3145 (Please call directly)

Involvement on Campus

Resources and connections to organizations, offices, and programs students can become involved with to facilitate opportunities to explore personal interests and connect with OWU.

  • Student Involvement Office – Dina Daltorio (Director of Student Involvement), 740-368-3951,

Financial Issues

Financial Aid, student employment, tuition bills, etc.

Student Advocacy

Concerns regarding immigration, study abroad, off-campus adjustment issues, and general support.

  • International and Off-Campus Programs
    • Darrell Albon (Director of International and Off-Campus Programs), 740-368-3072,
    • Lisa Ho (Associate Director of International and Off-Campus Programs), 740-368-3075,
  • Multicultural Student Affairs – Jason Timpson (Director of Multicultural Student Affairs), 740-368-3151,
  • Student Engagement and Success
    • Dwayne Todd (Vice President for Student Engagement and Success; Dean of Students*), 740-368-3135,
    • Brad Pulcini (Dean of Student Services), 740-368-3943,
    • Doug Koyle (Associate Dean for Student Success), 740-368-3139,
  • Chaplain – Chad Johns (University Chaplain), 740-368-3088,
  • Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA, Student Government) – Sophie Gipson (President of WCSA),

Student Conduct

Violations of student code of conduct, course catalog, academic integrity, etc.

  • Community Standards – Emily Paetz (Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards), 740-368-3175,
  • Provost
    • Karlyn Crowley (Provost), 740-368-3101,
    • Brian Rellinger (Associate Provost for Academic Support), 740-368-3131,
    • Dale Brugh (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs), 740-368-3530,
    • Laura Tuhela-Reuning (Interim Associate Dean for Academic Performance and Advising), 740-368-3511,

Athletics / Intramurals

Concerns regarding student-athlete experience or questions about intramurals and student fitness programs.

  • Athletics Department – (Central Staff), 740-368-3726,
  • Intramurals – Dina Daltorio (Assistant Director of Student Involvement), 740-368-3951,
  • Athlete Academics (Faculty Representatives) – Barbara MacLeod (Professor of Economics), 740-368-3547,

Other Concerns

  • Library – Dee Peterson (Director of Libraries), 740-368-3240,
  • Career Connection – Megan Ellis (Executive Director of the OWU Career Connection), 740-368-3152,
  • Student Mail Room – Diana Brooks (Coordinator of Student Mail Room), 740-368-3389,
  • Information Services – David Soliday (Instructional Technologist), 740-368-3130,
  • Campus Bookstore – Matthew Watkins (General Manager), 740-368-3398,

Local / Airport Transportation

For information regarding local transportation, the break shuttle program, and general airport transportation information, click here.

* If you are unsure as to who can best assist you, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 740-368-3135 for a referral or assistance.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Public Safety Office at any time for assistance: 740-368-2222.