Welcome New Students!

Greetings from the Ohio Wesleyan University Residential Life Office. The Residential Life staff is looking forward to welcoming you to campus and inviting you in to our residential community.

OWU is a residential, liberal arts university; therefore, learning outside the classroom is a valued part of the OWU experience.

Full-time students reside on campus unless they meet housing exemption criteria (learn more about our residency requirement). We believe your time spent as a resident of the University community is an important part of your total educational experience. In order to reserve a space in the residence halls, you need to have paid your enrollment fee of $400.

Students who have paid their enrollment deposit are able to complete their housing application for a room assignment. The housing application can be found in the ResLife Portal, which can be accessed on the Residential Life web page. 

To learn more about the housing selection process, please visit the Housing Selection web page.  

We attempt to match you with a person or people who have similar preferences, making it important that you provide accurate information on these documents.  Please carefully read the Housing Contract, which is displayed as you begin the housing application. The contract explains the rules and regulations of the residence halls. 

As a first-year student, you are automatically a member of the YearOne community.

First-year students also need to complete and submit medical information to the Student Health Center.

Housing To-Do List

  1. Pay your $400 Enrollment Deposit 
  2. Read the Housing Contract
  3. Complete your Housing Application (by July 2, 2024, to be included in the housing placement process)
  4. Complete your Required Health Forms