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Celebrating SWANA, Asian, and Pacific Islander Excellence in Research Bring your lunch and join us from 12:00-1:00 in the Crider Lounge to hear from Dr. Bona Kang (Assistant Professor of Education). Dr. Kang will be sharing a presentation titled "I'm not a math person.": The challenges and opportunities for strengthening the mathematical preparation of elementary preservice teachers. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate and honor the achievements of SWANA, Asian, and Pacific Islander faculty at OWU. Please RSVP here. "I'm not a math person." This is a popular statement that many people may have heard or have said themselves, including many elementary school teachers, whose roles include teaching foundational mathematics to children in schools. What do elementary teachers need to know to teach mathematics to children effectively? What does that mean about what they need in their training as preservice teachers? How do mathematics teacher educators and teacher education programs approach this? This talk centers on the rationale for strengthening the mathematical preparation and mathematical identities of future elementary teachers and shares the challenges and opportunities for mathematics teacher educators in accomplishing this work. 

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