COW House, Counseling Services and IOCP Presents:

Mental health might be in the spotlight in America, but it is considered a foreign concept in some countries. As students, it is not always easy to see the signs of distress in our friends - let alone friends with entirely different cultures, languages, and even ways of thinking. We invite you to International Students Wellness Moment during this Mental Health Awareness Month. This event will be a conversation on mental health, the stigma surrounding it, and common problems international students face. We will hear from staff at the IOCP office, counselor services office, and personal experience from an international student.
We look forward to joining us to help reduce the stigma around mental health and normalizing conversations around mental health.
This event is virtual.

OWU Sponsoring Organization/Office: Counseling Service, COW House, IOCP Office
Contact: Alice Mills Mai at aamillsmai@owu.edu