Covid-19 got you stir-crazy in your house? Look at the bright side! You’re now working/studying from home as Avi Biswas ’15 has done for years!

Still skeptical of the benefits? Pet co-workers offer just one benefit. In his AIR webinar, Avi will take you through the other upsides of working from home. Join millions of remote workers who choose their own schedule, skip long commutes, become their own boss and work in their pajamas (sometimes)!

Avi’s webinar will also address the downsides of remote working: defaulting clients, filing taxes, digital fees, domestic disruptions, etc. You will learn to navigate these downsides as well as gain tips on networking, digital branding, tech-savviness, etc.

52% of workers today work from home at least once a week. And by 2028, three-quarters of companies (especially small businesses) will hire remote workers. Don’t be left out! Join Avi on April 30th and learn to work beyond the 9 to 5!

April 30th at 12:00 PM EDT via Zoom

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