316 | R.W. Corns

Join us this Thursday, April 18th, from 12-1pm in the Counseling Services office (Corns 316) for a one-hour workshop tailored to address many examples of performance anxiety. In this non-clinical setting, we'll explore practical strategies to overcome performance anxiety and unlock your full potential. Through interactive discussions and targeted exercises, you'll learn techniques to manage pre-game jitters, maintain focus under pressure, and enhance your mental resilience. Whatever assignment or activity you're preparing for, this session offers valuable tools to help you thrive in high-stakes situations. Don't let anxiety sideline your performance – join us and unleash your inner champion. Also, check out our last two skill-building workshops of the year: April 25th: Confidence Boost/Conquering Performance Anxiety, and May 2nd: Building Resilience During Transitions/Final Exam Stress Break.

OWU Sponsoring Organization/Office: OWU Counseling ServicesContact: Leana Froehlich-Terry at counselingservices@owu.edu