316 | R.W. Corns

Join us on Thursday, April 4th from 12-1pm in the Counseling Services office (Corns 316) to discuss strategies for managing anxiety. In this non-clinical workshop, we will explore practical techniques and effective strategies for navigating anxiety in the college environment. Through interactive discussions and guided exercises, you will learn mindfulness practices, stress reduction techniques, and coping skills to help you thrive academically and personally. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by exams, social pressures, or transitions, this session offers a supportive space to share experiences, learn practical skills, and empower yourself to overcome anxiety and build resilience. Don't let anxiety hold you back – join us and take the first step towards a calmer, more confident college experience. Check out our upcoming skill-building workshops: April 11th: Building Resilience Against Depression April 18th: Conflict Resolution/Assertive Communication Skills for Success April 25th: Confidence Boost/Conquering Performance Anxiety May 2nd: Building Resilience During Transitions/Final Exam Stress Break

OWU Sponsoring Organization/Office: OWU Counseling ServicesContact: Leana Froehlich-Terry at counselingservices@owu.edu