Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Join our panelists as they share experiences and insights based on their time participating in athletics, and discuss ways that sports, athletic programs and key people have impacted their lives to date.

They will also discuss how the qualities of teamwork, perseverance, leadership learned as athletes translated to both their personal and professional lives. Sponsored by the Office of Alumni Engagement and Office of Athletics.


  • Captain Juliann Althoff '91, Chief Medical Officer, OWU swimming & track & field
  • Brianna La Croix '18, Production Assistant & Social Media Manager, OWU volleyball
  • Jerilyn Mapes '87, Certified Athletic Trainer, OWU basketball
  • Rachel Seibel '10, Senior Manager, Business Development, OWU softball


  • Catie Butt '91, Executive Director & OWU swimming