A liberal education communicates what great minds have thought, great artists have created, great leaders have done. Also included is new knowledge; a liberal education communicates what is being acquired on the frontiers of contemporary inquiry and current advances of the human spirit.


President Jones celebrates the labyrinth installation with the OWU community.

Since Rock Jones, Ph.D., became Ohio Wesleyan’s 16th president in 2008, his energetic leadership has been helping to move the University forward with innovative academic programs, new and rejuvenated campus facilities, and a strong sense of engagement with alumni and the community.

President Jones holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of Texas-Austin, a Master of Divinity magna cum laude from the Duke University Divinity School, and a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Hendrix College. Prior to joining Ohio Wesleyan, he worked for Hendrix, serving in roles that included Executive Vice President and Dean of Advancement, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, interim Vice President for Student Affairs, and Chaplain.

Nuggets from Rock

Selections from Rock Jones' articles and speeches about Ohio Wesleyan, higher education, and preparing moral leaders for a global society.

The liberal arts education at OWU ignights the entrepreneurial spirit.

"A liberal arts education challenges students to hone the creativity, ingenuity, determination, persistence against the odds, and other characteristics necessary for entrepreneurial success. . . . The Forbes list is a powerful reminder that the best preparation for entrepreneurial accomplishment happens at places like Ohio Wesleyan. A liberal arts education prepares students to pursue their passions and to make a difference in the world, indeed, to change the world."

OWU Magazine, Fall 2015

Human connections bind OWU community for years and lead to well-being, success

"Jim Leslie, Verne Edwards, Libby Reed, and John Reed . . . were representative of faculty and staff who for nearly 175 years have devoted their lives to helping students become more than they could have ever imagined, preparing them for meaningful lives with extraordinary impact. Their legacies continue in the faculty and staff on campus today, who provide the same opportunities in equally robust ways."

OWU Magazine, Spring 2015

College athletics can enrich the academic experience

"This is what college athletics can be in the right environment — not for the few, but for the many; not to make money, but to build character; not to stand apart from academics, but to be integrated into the entire academic experience that prepares students to be tomorrow's leaders."

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/6/14

Big challenges? Big solutions. We need the liberal arts.

"(T)here is nothing more important than liberation of the mind from old, narrow ways of thinking in order to imagine a new and better future."

OWU Magazine, Winter 2014



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