In special cases, outstanding individuals don’t need an Ohio Wesleyan degree to be part of the alumni family. Honorary Alumni status is conferred upon those who have exhibited consistent interest in and support of OWU and its goals over a significant period of time.

Listed below are OWU’s honorary alumni. To nominate someone to receive this honor, contact Katie Webster, director of alumni relations, at (740) 368-3325 or Please include the name of the person you are nominating, the reasons why you believe this person deserves honorary alumni status, and your contact information.


  Chaplain Jon R. Powers



2019 2018
Jeff Benton  Joe and Linda Diamond
2016 2015
Dr. Edward H. “Jed” Burtt, Jr. Dr. Anne Fry
  Jeanette Kraus
2013 2010
Sue Pasters Bill Stroud
  Ed Wolf
  Elizabeth Ross


  John A. “Jay” Martin
  David Robbins
2005 2004
Stephen Aubrey Lisa Courtice
Richard Smith Thomas Courtice
  John Reed
2002 2000
Mary Cook Milligan Margaret Myers Palmer 
Ruth Stafford Peale  


1997 1993
Catherine N. Schlicting David Liles Warren, Ph.D.
  Ellen Warren
1990 1990
James S. Leslie James S. Leslie
Libuse Reed Libuse Reed


1989 1987
William E. Blaine, Jr. David and Joan Lang Stafseth
  Madge E. Stewart
1986 1985
Elmer J. Benes Loyd Easton, Ph.D.
1981 1980
Robert M. Strimer, Ph.D. Helen Schubert


  R.C. Hunter
1978 1976
Benjamin T. Spencer, Ph.D. Elizabeth Neblett Chappelear
  Monroe Chappelear


Clarence E. Ficken