Bringing Bishops Together!

What is BishopBox?

It’s an opportunity for alumni & friends to help the Alumni Relations team engage Battling Bishops! You plan the event and we will support your efforts. You encourage other Bishops to attend and we will send you some Bishop goodies, such as: nametags, OWU swag and more.

How does it work?

First, fill out the form below with details on your event idea, at least six weeks in advance. Gatherings can be social, educational, service, or affinity based. Then, our office will review* your request, and if it's approved, it becomes an official BishopBox event and the fun begins. As far as costs, most of the costs would be 'pay as you go' where the attendee would pay for themselves at the event. For example, if you plan a networking event, attendees could be asked to purchase their own food and beverages. For a ticket based gathering, select a pre/post event venue and recommend a section for alumni and friends to purchase their tickets.

*We do receive many requests for events throughout the year and we might decline the event based on competing events in the region

Once the event is approved, what are the next steps?

Congratulations! You’re an event planner! You’ll be the main point of contact for the event between our office and those who are invited to attend.

Here’s what you'll be doing:

  • Verify the venue, date and time
  • Coordinate details (food orders, drink specials, parking, etc.)
  • Promote the event: Reach out to alumni, friends, OWU parents and encourage them to register
  • Arrive at the event a little early to set up, add OWU spirit and welcome alumni and friends as they arrive
  • Provide a list of attendees and event recap to the Alumni Relations team following the alumni gathering

How does Alumni Relations help?

After approving the event, we will help support your efforts.

This will include:

  • Add your event to the Alumni & friends calendar with an RSVP form linked
  • Help you market the event
  • Provide you with a BishopBox of OWU swag, including branded nametags
  • Provide gift in kind credit for any out of pocket expenses


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What is the goal of your event? For example, “to connect local alumni”, or “cheer on the Battling Bishops”, or “reconnect with a class or club on campus”, etc.

Will your event be at your home, a restaurant, or park? Please provide the complete name and address of venue.

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