Ohio Wesleyan Near You will be back in September 2024!

Ohio Wesleyan Near You wrapped up its thrilling inaugural run in March 2024, featuring nine electrifying events over a jam-packed two-week period! From a delightful breakfast meetup in Tucson, AZ, to lively happy hours in Columbus and Denver, an uproarious comedy show in Charlotte, and even an exhilarating soccer game in Leesburg, VA, OWU alumni came together for unforgettable moments of connection and camaraderie. The program's simple yet effective format ensured that alumni could effortlessly host events in their own neighborhoods and cities, sparking excitement and unity across the country.

Our alumni and friends have asked for more casual and unique opportunities to connect. This program is designed to bring together OWU community members in various locations, from large cities to small towns. During the week-long celebration, OWU alumni, family, and friends will host events in cities worldwide, fostering connections at restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, parks, and more.

OWU Near You is set to return in September 2024, with numerous alumni already eager to take the helm as event hosts. If you're ready to join the excitement and potentially host an OWU Near You event from September 12th to 19th, reach out to Nick Bowlby today for more information!